Dangerous War Mission in “Heroes of the Air” LEGENDED trailer; Check it out!

The war film “Heroes of the Air” received a captioned trailer.


The film is written and directed by Christopher Forbes.

In one of the war’s most dangerous missions, an American B-17 pilot volunteering to fly a Messerschmidt 109 traveled on a daring flight through the heart of Germany in an attempt to prevent the population of London being terrorized by V-2 rockets. “Heroes of the Air” tells the story of an incredible pilot and his bomber brother, from when they were teenagers who dreamed of soaring in the skies until the dark days of January 1945.

Enjoy watching:

Brad Owens, Scotty Sparks and Bob Young star in the production.

In Brazil, the feature film will be broadcast directly on video by A2 Filmes.

Make sure to watch:


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