Dark subliminal message discovered by fans in ‘Invocation of Evil’

Before the premiere of ‘The Nun’, the demon Valak had already been featured in the 2nd film in the ‘Invocation of Evil’ franchise.

Yet director James Wan and the team of writers behind the story were already provoking its arrival from the original film, released in 2013.

This is shown in a subliminal message that most viewers haven’t noticed!

At the very beginning of the film, Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) appears in the kitchen and a sign can be seen with the word “LoVe”, with a capital V highlighted.

Below is a high relief inscription showing the letters ALAK, which few fans must have noticed … and even those who did, had no idea of ​​the meaning, since Lorraine only mentions the demon in the sequence.

Either way, it was a very smart strategy to support the franchise’s mythology.


Enjoy watching:

Recalling that “ Invocation of Evil 3 ” was due to hit screens in September of this year, but Warner Bros. postponed its debut until June 2021 due to closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, many fans fear another postponement, as has been the case with several other films.

Come to think of it, Patrick Wilson, the interpreter of Ed Warren, calmed the audience and guaranteed in his Twitter profile that the film will be released next year.


“Damn Coronavirus, we will bring you ‘Invocation of Evil 3’ in 2021!”

Damn Covid, we’re going to bring you C3 in 21! https://t.co/CTr72jlJbG

– patrick wilson (@ patrickwilson73) October 26, 2020

Remembering that Warner Bros. posted a video with the first glimpse of the terror “Invocation of Evil 3: The Order of the Demon”. One of the scenes shows that we will have a very different exorcism: on a table.


According to Warner Bros., it premieres here on June 3, 2021, the day before the U.S. launch.

“Invocation of Evil 3: The Order of the Demon” will be based once again on one of the real life cases solved by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

This time around, we won’t see a haunted house like in the first two films, but one of the most frightening and POLITICAL cases in history: the demonic possession of young Arne Cheyenne Johnson, in the case known as from The Trial of the Murdering Demon / The devil made me.

Check out the trailer description:

The video begins by discussing the case of a man who stabbed a colleague in a kennel twenty-one times and was acquitted of demonic possession. The judges brought in two experts to study the case: Ed and Lorraine Warren. We see them get a call and go to a town, where they walk into a morgue with a charred body. The scene is terrifying. When Lorraine touches the deceased, the lights go out and a spooky entity appears in an extremely terrifying scene! The atmosphere seems as scary as the first films.

James Wan will not be returning to management; Michael Chaves (“The Curse of the Crying Man”) takes his place.

Make sure to watch:

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