“Dead for a Dollar”: Willem Dafoe in the new film from the director of “The Wilds of the Night”

According to Deadline, Willem Dafoe (“The Lighthouse”) and Christoph Waltz (“Free Django”) will star in “Dead for a Dollar”, the new western from director Walter Hill (“The Wilds of the Night”).

This will be the first film directed by the filmmaker since ‘Vingança’, in 2016.

The plot will be set in Chihuahua, New Mexico, in 1897. The story will follow Max Borlund (Waltz), a famous bounty hunter, hired to find and dismiss Rachel Price, the politically progressive wife of Nathan Price, a male successful businessman of Santa Claus. Fe. Max learns that she has been kidnapped by an African-American army deserter, Elijah Jones, and is being held in Mexico. When Max goes south of the border, he soon meets his nemesis, American expatriate Joe Cribbens (Dafoe), a professional gamer, sometimes outlawed, whom Max tracked down and sent to jail years earlier.

When Borlund finds Rachel and Elijah hidden in the depths of the Mexican desert, he discovers that Rachel purposely ran away from an abusive husband and that the fleeing soldier is in fact her romantic partner. Max is now faced with a dilemma: to return the woman across the border to the man who hired her, or to help Rachel’s freedom and fight ruthless gunmen and their longtime criminal rival.

In addition to directing, Hill also wrote the screenplay alongside Matt Harris.

New information should be published soon.

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