“Dead Ringers”: Michael Chernus joins the cast of the series based on “Gemini – Morbid Similarity”

According to Variety, Michael Chernus (‘Orange is the New Black’) has joined the ‘Dead Ringers’ series, based on David Cronenberg’s film ‘Gemini – Morbid Similarity’.

Don’t forget that Rachel Weisz (‘The Favorite’) will star in the production.

The adaptation is developed by Amazon and is described as a reimagining of the film, reversing the genre and bringing in a female protagonist.

Alice Birch will be responsible for the script for the series.

The Mantle twins, played by Weisz, are the brightest and most extraordinary people you can meet. Identical from head to toe, their mission is to change the way women give birth, starting with Manhattan. Drugs, pioneering through illegal procedures, sex and romantic relationships, this series will take us into stranger and darker territory than we ever imagined.

The site says the production “will explore themes such as women’s health and the issues they face, in addition to exploring the lives of the protagonists in a personal environment.”

Weisz and Birch will also be responsible for producing the series, alongside studio Morgan Creek Entertainment, which was recently announced to be behind the development of the “The Exorcist” reboot.

New information should be published soon.

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