‘Deadly Machine 5’ is already in development, confirms Mel Gibson

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Danny Glover and Mel Gibson will reprise their roles as Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs in the upcoming ‘Deadly Machine 5’.

During an interview with Good Morning America, Gibson confirmed that the sequel is already in development and celebrated the return of director Richard Donner, who directed all four films (1987-1998).

“The man who was behind it all, the man who introduced us to this franchise is already working on the sequel! Richard Donner is a legend, ”said the star.

Sadly, he hasn’t revealed what stage production is at.

Despite the few details in Gibson’s statement, the information is to be celebrated, as Donner hasn’t directed a movie since 2006, when he directed ’16 Quadras’, starring Bruce Willis.

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Previously, Glover spoke to Movie Web about his expectations for the sequel and said the film would be extraordinary.

“The talks started to get serious in January and part of the script is ready. I don’t want to reveal anything of what I read, but I guarantee you it will be extraordinary. It’s a relevant plot to the franchise, it’s not a story made just for profit, you know? I can only say that the film will dialogue very well with what we are going through today.

He continued:

“The film addresses essential points concerning politics, economics and social rights. Police violence is something that has always been present in America and we are going to dive into it, which is even more interesting after the protests that we have followed.

No other details have been revealed, so there is no preview for the sequel.

In 2016, Shane Black, screenwriter of the original feature film, revealed he was writing a draft for the 5th film, but the idea ended up being shelved.

“I wrote a 62 page draft for a new sequel and I think it would be great. We would see Riggs and his elder brother Murtagh in New York City, during the worst snowfall in East Coast history, confront a team of assassins trained in Afghanistan and smuggling antiques.

Black revealed that he was exploring the possibility of continuing the plot with new characters, but gave up for fear of ending the franchise’s identity.

“I thought about introducing a younger character to take his steps, but I thought that wouldn’t be cool. Most of the 80s movie footage is like this … They’ve found new faces to replace the older ones and take away all the essence.

Recalling that the four films of the franchise are considered classics of the action genre and have become a huge audience success, raising almost 950 million US dollars worldwide.

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