‘Death congratulates you 2’: director believes marketing strategy damaged streak

In an interview with THR, director Christopher Landon said the marketing strategy hurt the box office sequel ‘Death Praises You 2’, but reveals he still believes it’s possible to make a third film in the franchise.

“When a movie does very well at the box office, everyone’s expectations are very high. And the most devastating, especially for me and Jessica [Rothe], is that the predictions pointed out that the sequence would perform similarly to the first film, but the audience did not show up as before. The sequence is not a failure. In fact, it made a lot of money. Universal’s marketing is great, they’re brilliant and very pleasant to work on, but I think it was a tough sell. What traditionally works for other footage, which features more of the same thing, really hurts us. I did a second movie that’s very different from the first, but they promoted the sequel like it’s the same – they even used the same song in the trailer. I think hiding all the elements that made the second film unique really hurt us.

He adds: “It’s a bit strange, because any franchise would be able to do a new streak with the new results. But for some reason we didn’t get the chance. The most interesting thing is that both films have survived after the theatrical release. There’s still a chance for us to make the third movie, but that’s Universal’s decision. They know everyone involved in the first movies wants to make one more, but they have to feel justified in giving the green light.

‘Death Congratulates You’ (2017) was a box office hit and grossed $ 125.5 million worldwide, but the sequel launched in 2019 was well below expectations, with just 65 million dollars.

If a third footage is actually produced, a story would follow the post-credit scene of the second film, which shows DARPA using the time loop device for new experiences, with Tree’s evil friend Danielle (Rachel Matthews), who ends by stuck in its own loop.

It’s worth remembering that in the past, director Christopher Landon had confirmed exclusively to CinePOP that he would like to make a new movie in the franchise.

“I definitely have the third movie in my head. If enough people watch this, we’ll do a third movie. I can say it will be very unexpected. And it will have an even bigger scale, ”he said.

“Death Congratulates You” is now available on Netflix.

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