“Departure”: a detective investigates a train derailment in the official trailer for season 2; To verify!

Streaming service Peacock has released the official Season 2 trailer for “Departing”, the story of which centers around the investigation of a derailed train.

To verify:

Season 2 follows the recruitment of Kendra Malley (Archie Panjabi) to investigate a new disaster – the derailment of a bullet train in countryside of Michigan. Pressed to solve the riddle as a small town degenerates into panic, investigations reveal a series of disjointed events and a gargantuan list of suspects with highly credible motives: a disillusioned official, a local anti-tech politician, the tycoon who developed the software for the train … and even a man who has ties to a Mexican drug cartel.

Christopher Plummer, Jason O’Mara, Kris Holden-Ried, Karen LeBlanc, Donal Logue, Mark Rendall, Etienne Kellici, Kelly McCormack, Wendy Crewson, Charlie Carrick, Dion Johnstone, David Hewlett, Greg Eryk and Florence Ordesh complete the cast.

‘Depart’ is expected to return on August 5.

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