Dev Patel on poster and trailer for ‘the Legend of the Green Knight’, A24’s new dark movie

A24 has released a new poster and trailer for “The Green Knight,” the dark adaptation of Arthurian Tales starring Dev Patel (“Lion: A Journey Home”).


The feature will be released on July 30.

David Lowery is in charge of production.

The story is a reinvention of the classic legend of Gauvain and the Green Knight. The warrior in question invaded King Arthur’s court, challenging one of the Round Table members to attack him with his ax – but he would return to strike back in a year and a day. Gauvain accepts the challenge and cuts off the head of the Green Knight. In turn, he picks up his own severed skull and says, “See you in a year and a day, Gauvain.” That way it’s up to the young person to figure out how to hold their end of the bargain without losing their mind – literally.

The cast also includes Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Barry Keoghan, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie and Ralph Ineson with.

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