“Dexter”: the actor indicates that the series could return for more than one season

In an interview with Digital Spy, Michael C. Hall once again spoke about the disappointing outcome of “Dexter” and revealed the possibility that the series will return for more than a season.

“It has been gratifying [retornar]. I believe the original series ended in a way that infuriated viewers, but at least it allowed us to go back and respond more definitively to what happened to this guy… I totally support what happened, the choice he makes in the end, but as far as execution goes, we were all running at full blast at that point, so I get it. “

He adds, “We’re not going to start right after the original series ends. when the story [do revival] to begin with, it will have been as many years for Dexter as it has been for us.

Moreover, when asked about the possibility that the series will return for more than one season, the actor limited himself to answering: “Maybe”.

Check out the new revival teaser:

A few months ago, Michael C. Hall gave an interview to The Daily Beast and said the revival will fix the “disappointing result” of the original series, which remains one of the most criticized endings of small screens.

“Let’s face it: viewers thought the show’s conclusion was very disappointing and there was always hope that a story would emerge that was worth telling. I include myself in this group that asks, “What happened to this guy?” So I am delighted to return. I never had this opportunity to play a character many years later.

He ends by mentioning the denouement of the classic series “A Sete Palmos”, as an example of a satisfactory ending:

“I really thought it was justifiable for Dexter to do what he did. I think some of the criticisms are about that, and there are also the criticisms of how it all turned out, and they are valid. We live in an age where expectations are very high and as simultaneous as the reactions of the public. I have participated in both extremes; “extremely satisfying” and “extremely disappointing” endings.

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The cast also includes Jamie Chung (“Lovecraft Country”) Clancy Brown (“Star Troops”), Julia Jones (“The Mandalorian”), Alano Miller (“Sylvie’s Love”), Johnny Sequoyah (“Believe”), Michael Cyril Creighton and Jack Alcott.

The relaunch plot will take place ten years after the events of Season 8 and will not take place in Miami, where most of the series took place.

“Ten years after Dexter Morgan’s disappearance in Hurricane Laura, the new episodes will see the character live under a new identity… Away from Miami.”

Marcos Siega will return to direct six of the ten episodes. For those who don’t know, he had already directed nine episodes in previous seasons.

The revival of “Dexter” is expected to debut in 2021.

Clyde Phillips, executive producer of the original series, will be the showrunner for the revival.

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