‘Dial M to Kill’: Alicia Vikander could star in suspenseful miniseries

According to Deadline, MGM is developing a miniseries based on the classic thriller “Dial M to Kill”, which will be produced by Alicia Vikander (“Tomb Raider: The Origin”).

Additionally, the website points out that the actress may also star on the project.

The series “will be a reimagining of history from a female point of view”.

Rumors suggest the production could acquire an anthology format, with the coming seasons exploring different plots.

The series was created by Michael Mitnick (“The Giver of Memories”), who is also responsible for the adaptation storyline.

The original feature film, released in 1954 and directed by master Alfred Hitchcock, revolved around a former tennis player who attempts to organize the murder of his wife after finding out she was having an affair.

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