Did you like ‘Eu Me Importo’? Here are 10 scam movies to watch!

“I Care” became the new sensation on Netflix and brought in Golden Globe winner Rosamund Pike as Marla Grayson, owner of an elderly curation agency that defrauds her “clients”.

The powerful performances and the interesting narrative, which has always been a part of popular taste, made the feature well received by audiences and critics, and for this reason CinePOP has separated a brief list of ten scammers movies to check out. and not have a “hangover”.

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“Eleven Men and a Secret” is one of the most beloved movies of all time and features George Clooney and Brad Pitt as two crooks who hatch a plan to rob three casinos in Las Vegas. The success resulted in two sequences with the same main characters and a spin-off titled “Eight Women and a Secret,” starring Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett.

The unexpected success of the crime drama “As Golpistas” came mainly from the chemistry of the main cast and the solid script signed by Lorena Scafaria. The story centers on a group of strippers who drugged men in the club where they were dancing, taking the opportunity to steal every last penny they could get. The film was critically acclaimed and praised for the performance of Jennifer Lopez, who won multiple awards.

Taking up the classic Robin Hood tale, “Truque de Mestre” centers on a group of illusionists who enchant audiences with their magic and who also rob banks on another continent, distributing the proceeds to the spectators themselves. Dylan Hobbs, an FBI agent, is determined to capture them and enlists the help of Alma Vargas, an Interpol detective, as well as Thaddeus Bradley, a veteran wizard debunker who insists the assaults are carried out. in disguise and games involving videos.

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For six months, Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) worked hard at a Wall Street brokerage house, following the teachings of his mentor Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey). When he finally manages to be hired as a broker for the firm, Black Monday takes place, which brings down sharply the stock markets of several countries. Jobless and quite ambitious, he ends up working for a backyard company that deals with low value papers, which are not on the stock exchange. This is where Belfort had the idea of ​​creating a company focused on this type of activity, whose sales are of lower values ​​but, in return, the return to the broker is much more advantageous. Along with Donnie (Jonah Hill) and other old-time friends, he creates Stratton Oakmont, a company that empowers everyone to get rich quicker and lead a life of fun.


Who wouldn’t want to see a crime film starring two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry? Because it is the case with “The Big Lie”. Here Ian McKellen plays Roy Courtnay, who can’t help but apply one of his famous scams when he meets new widow Betty McLeish, played by legendary Helen Mirren. However, as the woman opens her house and her life to the scammer, he is surprised when he begins to care about her.

Beaumont-sur-mer, Côte d’Azur. Josephine (Anne Hathaway) and Penny (Rebel Wilson) are two manipulators, known for the art of extorting millionaires. However, while the former is sophisticated, the latter has much less elegant methods. At first, Josephine accepts Penny as a student, but it soon becomes apparent that the intention was in fact to use her for a specific blow and, soon after, to reject her. A dispute then arises between them over who will get the $ 500,000 from Thomas Westerburg (Alex Sharp), a tech prodigy, who stays first in the city.


Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have joined forces to bring “Cheat” to life, a feature film directed by David O. Russell. The plot revolves around a great cheater who works with his partner. The duo are forced to collaborate with an FBI agent to uncover Mafia secrets. The universal reception of critics and the public has earned the work no less than ten Oscar nominations.

Carried by the charisma of Will Smith and Margot Robbie, “Double Blow” is a light and unpretentious film. The story centers on Nicky (Smith), a professional cheater who is chosen as a victim by a newbie in the profession, Jess (Margot Robbie). He lets himself be carried away by the blow to unmask her at the right time. Disappointed, Jess insists that Nicky teach her how to work and accept her in the team. After some reluctance, Nicky not only accepts, but falls in love with her, going against one of her main rules.

Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a shy and gifted young man from MIT who, having to pay for his college education, seeks the necessary amount in card games. He is called to join a group of students who, every weekend, leave for Las Vegas with false identities and in order to earn a lot of money. The group is led by Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey), professor of mathematics and statistical genius, with whom he manages to assemble an infallible code. By counting the cards and using a complex signaling system, they manage to break several casinos. Until, delighted with the new world that presents itself and also his colleague Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), Ben begins to extrapolate his own limits.


Jake Vig (Edward Burns) is a polite cheat who, along with his minions, just stole thousands of dollars from accountant Lionel Dolby (Leland Orser). Everything seems to have worked out, but when the accountant and one of his buddies appear dead, Jake discovers that the stolen money actually belonged to eccentric organized crime boss Winston King (Dustin Hoffman). Jake then sets up a date with King to sort things out and is tasked with giving a five million dollar coup to Morgan Price (Robert Forster), a banker linked to the Mafia. They join the group Lupus (Franky G), King’s right-hand man, and Lily (Rachel Weisz), a pickpocket Jake falls in love with. They are closely pursued by the relentless FBI agent Gunther Butan (Andy Garcia), a longtime nemesis of Jake.

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