Did you like “Stay with me”? Check out 7 Harlan Coben SUSPENSE series to watch

Harlan Coben is an international bestseller which, in addition to writing very well, is still very good. It was only a matter of time before the rights to his books were sold and adapted for broadcast. With a suspenseful style that involves many characters, a dark past and a culprit to make it go wrong, its completely immersive plots have morphed into a series since 2015. And if you liked ‘Stay With Me’, here are the other productions created. by him or inspired by the writings of this author who loves Brazil – all of whose books are published here in the country!

1 – “Stay with me” – Netflix

The first season of the “Stay With Me” series debuted literally on the last day of 2021, with a commitment to be entertainment for Netflix subscribers who spend New Years Eve at home or logged in on the platform. . If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it, because all eight episodes have a very tight history. In the plot, Megan, a woman on the verge of marriage, causes ghosts from her past (as a nightclub dancer) to reappear in her new life, and she will have to make tough choices to defend her family.

2 – “Gone Forever” – Netflix

This production is a mini-series (i.e. a single season) and although Harlan Coben writes in English (because he’s American), it is a French adaptation, spoken in the growing language of the country. The five fifty-minute episodes tell the story of Guillaume, who in the past participated in a traumatic event, in which the woman he loved so much was finally murdered. Ten years later, already working as a social worker, a new episode makes his current girlfriend disappear, and this forces the young man to move mountains to find the truth, even if it means confronting his dark past.

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3 – ‘Silence in the forest’ – Netflix

The first season of this Polish series premiered in 2020. It tells the story of a prosecutor whose sister disappeared 25 years earlier, but one day the police ask her to help them identify a body found, and Pawel begins to suspect that your sister might still be alive, even after all this time. The first season has only six episodes.

4 – “Safe” – Netflix

Launched in 2018 and also spoken in English, it tells the story of a surgeon, already widowed, whose eldest daughter (guess what!) Had disappeared in the past. However, currently this man is discovering signs that people close to him may have hidden that they know a lot more than they have already said. The eight-episode first season has that very engaging police investigation vibe.

5 – ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ – Netflix

Everything was going well in the perfect life of Adam Price (Richard Armitage – yes, the same protagonist of ‘Stay With Me’), until one day, watching his son’s game at the club, a complete stranger approached. from him and leaves an envelope, containing an alleged terrible secret of his wife. From there, the search for the truth becomes an obsession for Adam, who thought he could trust his own family. Among the adaptations of Coben’s books, this is one of the best.

6 – “The five”

This mini-series was already on Netflix, in 2015. First film adaptation of Harlan Coben’s books, tells the story of a group of very close friends… until the day one of them disappeared. Twenty years pass and suddenly DNA samples from one of them reappear at a crime scene, so this past everyone would like to forget is going to bring them together once again to find out what happened to Jesse as ‘he was only five years old. .

7 – ‘Just a look’

It is about a French production which did not reach the Brazilian public, whose title, in free translation, would be something like ‘Just a Look’. This time, the motto of the series is love and mistrust: will true feeling overcome mistrust? This is what happens to Eva, who lived a quiet life with her husband until one day she discovers a photo… and, in this photo, her husband’s gaze reveals something that she just cannot get out of. . Had her life so far been a terrible lie?

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