Did you like “The Mitchell Family and the Machine Uprising”? Here are five other essential activities to discover!

Netflix has already started its run for the next awards season with the launch of the acclaimed ‘The Mitchell Family and The Machine Rise’ animation, which has already won over audiences and critics for this fun and candid story.

The story centers on a young woman named Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), a young woman who can’t wait to leave her family and go to college – when she sees the world turned upside down when an artificial intelligence summons them all. machines on the planet to imprison humans.

Whether because of its aesthetic environment, or because of the importance of the themes it evokes, the film is a good choice to see as a family. And, for those who have watched the work before, CinePOP has separated a brief list of five other animations that talk about tech.

Check out our picks below and tell us which one is your favorite:

Where to watch: Disney +

When you think of animated works that talk about technology, it’s common to think of Pixar’s acclaimed assault, “WALL-E.” Located for centuries in the future, planet Earth has become an inhospitable place, dominated by deadly sandstorms, drought, and human-produced waste.

The last survivors boarded a ship called Axiom, intending to return home if possible. However, due to the corporate mindset and the control of an artificial intelligence navigating the spacecraft, humans lost the ability to move, became obese, and even forgot about human interactions. – all motivated by the symbolic beauty of director Andrew Stanton, who took home the Oscar for best animation.

9 – HELLO (2009)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The underrated and thought-provoking animation “9 – Salvation” was released in 2009 by iconic producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker. The post-apocalyptic adventure takes place on a planet devastated by the uprising of machines, which has destroyed the human race and taken control of all corners of the earth.

Enjoy watching:

Shortly after this genocide, 9, a robot doll, wakes up without understanding what is going on and finds that her creator has left her with a mission: to find eight other mini-robots to join forces and uncover the mystery behind the events. chaotic. Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer and others were among the cast.


Where to watch: Netflix

“ Tá Chovendo Hambúrguer ” may slip off the radar of top picks when you think of animations that speak of tech – but the work led by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (who would later win the Oscar for “ Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ‘), he decided to deconstruct dystopian precepts in order to analyze the consequences of excessive ambition and technology through comedy and irreverence.

The plot centers on Flint Lockwood, a young scientist who dreams of creating something that makes a difference on the tiny island of Boca Grande. One day he builds a machine capable of turning water into food, drawing the attention of skeptics and the greed of some entrepreneurs who can defeat anything he stands for.


Where to watch: Disney +

The moving and memorable “ Operation Big Hero ” was Disney’s first animated feature film to feature characters from the Marvel Comics Hall of Fame, which belongs to its empire. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, the story revolves around robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and his late brother’s healthcare robot Baymax, who form an unexpected alliance to fight a masked villain.

Praised for the narrative depth, the film features names like Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Alan Tudyk, TJ Miller, Jamie Chung and others in the voiceover cast, in addition to being one of Casa Mouse’s favorite titles. for the fans. It’s no wonder that in addition to his commercial success, he won the award for best animated film at the Oscars.

Where to watch: Netflix

In Netflix’s recent “ Next Generation, ” a girl sees her life change overnight when a robot soldier forges an unlikely friendship with her, involving her in a great adventure. Together, they teach bullies a lesson, battle evil robots, and take on a madman with plans to take over the world through technology.

Despite the mixed and positive reception, the feature has regained the nostalgia for sci-fi productions by building a fun and colorful world, which is a great title to watch with kids. The talented voiceover cast brought in names like John Krasinski, Charlyne Yi, Jason Sudeikis and Constance Wu, in addition to being nominated for three Annie Awards.

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