‘Dinosaurs Family’: ALL seasons of the classic series will be released on Disney +

Nostalgic fans can applaud as each season of the classic ’90s series “Dinosaurs Family” will be released on Disney +. The announcement was made by the streaming platform itself, via its official Instagram account.

The four cycles will begin on the service schedule on August 13.

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Discover the opening of the series:

In the plot, meet the Silva Sauro, the funniest family for 60 million years! It’s just an ordinary family with a BIG difference. They are dinosaurs, living the good life in 63 million BC Papa Dino, his wife Fran, their children Bob, Charlene and Baby, and the courageous grandmother Zilda bring a hilarious Jurassic touch to everyday life.

“Family Dinosaurs” consisted of four seasons, which aired between 1991 and 1994 and was premiered by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young.

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