Director talks about possible ‘Abyss of Fear’ and ‘Hunting Dogs’ sequences

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, director Neil Marshall raised the possibility of sequences for two of his most popular films: “Abyss of Fear” and “Hunting Dogs”. Although the filmmaker has denied any interest in a new “ Abyss of Fear ” sequence, Marshall said a “ Hunting Dogs ” sequence is already in development.

“There are possibilities. I could revisit [o mundo de ‘Abismo do Medo’], but I wanted it to be a unique movie. However, they still ended up making a sequel. I always wanted “Hunting Dogs” to be a trilogy. The franchise rights had been on hold for some time, but now there’s finally the chance to make a sequel.

He adds: “The initial discussions [sobre ‘Cães de Caça 2’] occur. So we’ll probably see more of this universe. About Abyss of Fear… I can’t see myself revisiting this world. “

Marshall had previously been positive about a follow-up to ‘Hunting Dogs’, a werewolf movie released in 2002.

“There are more chances today than ever to make a sequel. We develop some things and see what we can do. Kevin McKidd and producer Chris Figg want to return to this universe. Over the past 18 years, I have heard countless people ask me, “Where’s the dog’s sequence?” “

He adds, “Part of me wants to go back and revisit this world in some way or another. And if Kev is interested, it would be worth it. We will see. We never know.”

Written and directed by Neil Marshall, the plot of the original film follows a group of English soldiers who are sent to train in the forest and must face unusual creatures, who have already killed another team and continue to search for more. victims, terrorizing and leaving a trail of blood everywhere they go.

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It should be remembered that in 2004 a sequel called “Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat” was announced, but the project never got off the ground.

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