Directors and actors look to Sony after Warner’s controversial move to stream his movies

According to Tony Vinciquerra, president and CEO of Sony Pictures, the studio sees “an increase” in interest from filmmakers who want to work with the company as it prioritizes theatrical releases over streaming.

Sony has seen a significant increase in interest after Warner Bros. publicize its controversial decision to stream its films the same day they hit theaters.

The change at HBO Max has sparked outrage in the industry.

“After the Warner Bros. announcement, directors and actors started looking for us because working with us has become more beneficial, as we will be launching our films in theaters in 2021. The real advantage has been the number of calls received. of talents, creators, actors and directors saying: “We want to do business with you because we know that you prefer to release your films in theaters”. It has been beneficial to us, ”Vinciquerra said in an interview with CNBC.

Patty Jenkins revolted with Warner in an interview with The New York Times, criticizing the studio’s decision.

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“But I’m going to tell you that some studios are going to go back to the traditional model and cause a huge revolution in the industry, because every great filmmaker wants and will work on it,” he said.

In addition to her. Christopher Nolan was taken aback by Warner Bros. landmark move. and made harsh criticisms:

“There is so much controversy about this, because they haven’t told anyone. It’s really, really, really messy. A true “bait and exchange” system. Yes, we should not treat these filmmakers, these stars and these people like that, they gave a lot for these projects. They deserve to be consulted and communicated on what will happen to their work ”.

Nolan went one step further and sharply criticized the streaming of HBO Max, saying that great films – which were produced to be seen on the big screen by as many audiences as possible, are reduced to mere “mastery.” losses”:

“In 2021, they had some of the world’s greatest filmmakers and some of the world’s biggest stars who – in some cases – worked for years on these projects, which are close to their hearts and which were made for the screen experience. They were created externally, to reach the widest possible audience … And now they are being used to contain losses for the streaming service – for the new streaming service – without any prior consultation ”.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan also called HBO Max “the worst streaming service”:

“Some of the industry’s biggest filmmakers and big movie stars went to bed thinking they worked for the biggest studio of all and woke up to find they worked for the worst streaming service.”

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