Discover the movies you should NEVER watch in a FIRST meeting

We all love to stay at home to watch this little movie, especially in the cold season. Having company for such a program makes things even better. However, if the situation is a first date, or a recent relationship, certain productions may not be suitable to get your concept off the ground with the crush, preventing you (a) from becoming the “big guy”.

Thematic films with two delicate or not-so-happy endings can spark commentary, debate, and discussion that leaves the lovebirds in a tight skirt. And they can come in the most varied genres, even far from the already traditional novels and dramas. In such cases, it’s always best to stick with the old ‘happy ending and they’ve lived together forever’.

Come to think of it, CinePOP has created a new list of “inappropriate” movies for the start of the relationship, which may lead to some not-so-happy questions for the aspiring couple. Write down and pass away such works, come back to look at them only after the relationship has already been established. Come and don’t forget to comment.

Exemplary Girl (2014)

This is the movie that says marriage can be hell. And it does it with a lot of categories. Make no mistake, David Fincher’s Gone Girl is a movie. Problem is, it reveals a perfect life together, takes us behind the scenes, and shows how ugly and scary the end of a broken relationship can be. No one said it would be easy, but it wouldn’t be hell either.

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Indecent Proposal (1993)

This one is very simple, even if it is far from simple. On the contrary, it is a very complex question. Younger people who have watched Netflix’s What / If series already know this. A couple needs a lot of money because they are almost bankrupt and have exhausted all possibilities of obtaining it. There, a charming millionaire appears and offers $ 1 million for a night with his wife – who in the new version had the tables reversed (a rich woman wants a night with her husband), in addition to the increased value. Either way, depending on your response and your crush, they could be in a bad spot.

Perfect Crime (1998)

Continued more in line with the first item on the list, this feature is a huge thriller, sort of a remake of the classic Dial M to Kill (1954), by master Alfred Hitchcock. Here, a husband suspects that his wife is cheating on him. His reaction to the fact is simply to have her killed. Of course, have everything go through an attempted theft in your house. There’s no need to say anything else, right?

500 days with her (2009)

The favorite romance of an entire generation can be cute, beautiful, romantic, and very creative. But it’s also heartbreaking for any human being, and will leave you in tears beside your crush by the end of the session – questioning possible whereabouts. In the plot, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) believes he has found the love of his life in the forms of Summer (Zooey Deschanel). It all starts out as a bed of roses, with a musical and cartoons. But during these 500 days, the lovebirds will experience a real roller coaster of feelings, without the right to a happy ending. The ultimate dialogue between the two is that stab in the chest.

Boyfriends Forever (2010)

With a very misleading Portuguese title, Blue Valentine arrived the following year from the item above and behaves like a 500-day noir drama with it. Instead of the “boy meets girl” theme here we have newlyweds trying to make the union work – going through the ups and downs that every relationship goes through. Unlike any alleged joy seen in the movie above, this one involves curling up on the deck and thinking about the position of the fetus.

War of the Roses (1989)

It has a lot to do with the third item on the list. No wonder we have Michael Douglas in mind again. But instead of huge suspense, here we have a comedy beyond the acid, full of dark humor and politically incorrect content. The wife also leaves the condition of victim to become an executioner as strong as her partner. When Oliver (Douglas) and Barbara (Kathleen Turner) meet, it’s only an explosion of passion. The two cannot let go. Many years after their marriage, rich, they want to kill themselves!

Free pass (2011)

In this inappropriate comedy by the Farrelly brothers, the couples’ “night in the valley” becomes a beginner’s game. Here, the Free Pass is the authorization that the couple inhabited by Owen Wilson and Christina Applegate agree to meet with whomever they want for a weekend. This drastic measure aims to save your marriage. Is good…

Magic Mike (2012)

Not to say that we are sexist, we have something here that is more valuable for the girls in the relationship, besides, of course, for same-sex couples. The problem with this Steven Soderbergh movie is that it can come up as pure temptation, as it is about the world of GO-GO boys in a women’s nightclub. In other words, expect a parade of provocative dances and plenty of sultry shirtless idols, like Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, and Alex Pettyfer. And it’s hard to compete with the stars, leaving only the option to clean up your partner’s drool during the show.

Infidelity (2002)

The title alone suggests a large stone in the shoe. And the film is no less. A failed marriage, where the man (Richard Gere) does everything to restart the relationship. But his wife (Diane Lane) is on the edge and ends up seeking affection outside of marriage. An unattractive prediction for any relationship.

La La Land (2016)

The last item on the list is recent and has been a huge success. Of course, many have seen the film, and maybe more than once. But looking at the start of a relationship may not be very healthy. It’s true that looking at the end of a relationship can be even worse. In any case, witnessing a beautiful love story that doesn’t end well, without a happy ending, because life tries to pull them apart, is that punch in the stomach that no beginning of a relationship wants to take. .


Date (2014)

The lesser-known film on the list features one of the late Anton Yelchin’s latest performances. In the plot he sees a young man who falls in love with an older, married woman, part of a broken relationship – experienced by the magnificent Bérénice Marlohe. The boy rekindles his passion in his wife and brings news, moving his life. But what started out as a fairy tale will feel the weight of reality and our choices.

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