Discover the new romantic comedy with Caco Ciocler

The romantic comedy ‘AmarAção’ – with Caco Ciocler – is already showing in Brazilian cinemas.

And our journalist and critic Rafa Gomes spoke to star and director Eric Belhassen (who also stars in the feature film) about the new project. During the chat, they revealed the details of the production and also reflected on how the gradual return to the big screen has been.


Produced by Boca a Boca Filmes, the film follows the story of Erick (Eric Belhassen), who, after separating from his wife, begins to develop strange physical and emotional symptoms. Suspecting to have been bewitched by her, he will do anything to solve this problem.

His best friend Caco (Caco Ciocler) is in a different situation. Also separating, he is already thinking of regaining his love by magic. Finally, the two will have to redeem themselves from their ex-wives, so that they can learn the truth about the magic of love.

Martha Nowil (from the series “All the women in the world”, from Globoplay), Clarice Abujamra (from the films “Getúlio” and “Como Nosso Pais”), Rodrigo Frampton (from the series “Violetta”), Ana Carolina Godoy (“Turma da Mônica: Ties “), Luisa Micheletti (from the soap opera” Novo Mundo “) completes the cast.

‘AmarAção’ will be available to rent and buy, on major digital platforms, from June 30.

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