Disney + Removes’ Peter Pan ‘,’ Dumbo ‘And Other Animations From Kids’ Catalog Due To Racist Portrayals

According to the comic, Disney + has removed some animation from its children’s catalog due to racist and prejudiced content.

Some of the animations include highly acclaimed titles, such as’ Peter Pan ‘,’ Dumbo ‘and’ Aristogatas’, in addition to the classic adventure drama ‘The Robinsons’ Citadel’, which launched in 1960.

It has been said that “Peter Pan” portrays indigenous peoples in a stereotypical manner that does not reflect the diversity of indigenous peoples or their authentic cultural traditions.

In the plot, they communicate with indecipherable language as if they were wild and are referred to several times as “redskins,” a term now considered offensive.

Additionally, Peter and his group of friends mock the native culture by making fun of their dances and always wear their headdresses and adornments disrespectfully, appropriating their culture.

In “Dumbo,” the musical performances of the crows pay homage to racist minstrel performances, where white performers with black-painted faces and ragged clothes imitate and ridicule the enslaved Africans on plantations in the southern United States.

The leader of the dance group is called Jim Crow, after laws favoring racial segregation in the region.

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Image of Jim Crow, mocking black people, next to eponymous ‘Dumbo’ character

In “Aristogatas” a feline musician is portrayed as a racist caricature of the people of East Asia, with exaggerated stereotypical traits, such as the yellow coloring and protruding teeth.

He sings in English with a forced accent and plays the piano with chopsticks, those sushi cutlery.

This portrayal reinforces the stereotype of the “clumsy foreigner,” while the film also features lyrics that poke fun at Chinese language and culture.

In “The Robinson’s Citadel,” the pirates who disturb the Robinson family are grim and portrayed as outliers from European traits.

In the plot, the Robinson family are Swiss and are attacked by dark-skinned pirates who wear overdone make-up and dress in a “ savage ” manner, reinforcing their barbarism.

They speak in an indecipherable language, presenting a racist representation of the peoples of Asia and the Middle East.

Despite the controversy, you can still find the movies on Disney +, except in the children’s profiles.

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