Disney + review | Safety: biographical drama is a burst of hope for this holiday season

In a complex year full of losses, losses and the most diverse adversities, there seems to be nothing more frightening than the reality around us. But remembering that there is always a window of hope, no matter how gloomy the times in which we live, the Disney + platform has reserved a delicate and sensitive film for the end of the year. A bit cheesy and with touches of melodrama, Safety is the streaming service’s new original arriving to warm worn-out hearts, who reign for good, inspiring stories to overcome this final part of 2020.

Let’s face it, there is a special charm in sports drama. Especially because there is a deep symbolism and even an almost transcendent language in the way in which sport is able to overcome some of the most segregated barriers, such as racism and socio-economic disparities. Neutralizing and almost diplomatic, he is a strong instrument in the construction and transformation of stories and here he exerts the same influence. In Safety, the pioneering and encouraging trajectory of American footballer Ray McElrathbey wins the eyes of the global public and what was once a beautiful testimony found by Oprah Winfrey in her talk show – in the embryonic stage of the digital age he is reaching today. hui the world of streaming technology.

And while there is a 15-year jump between the original story and the film’s release date, Safety is sure that the authentic stories to overcome never get old and are always welcome. With tunes from Duel of Titans and Meu Nome é Rádio, the biographical drama directed by Reginald Hudlin already stands out from these two for simply running away from the White Savior Complex and giving Ray the real chance to be there. author of his own journey, without denigrating those who also contributed directly or indirectly. Bringing the story of a young college student who overcame one of the most painful family contexts, the film explores the survival instinct of a black boy, who did not leave behind stereotypes of community marginalization. black succumb to the dream of a more dignified life.

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With straightforward direction, the biopic is built like a Disney classic, full of inspiring messages and jaw-dropping moments that serve as comedic reliefs and break the natural tension of the characters’ drama. Balancing the narrative to communicate well with all audiences, the feature may not have innovative pillars in its technical composition, but it never loses its luster at any point. Sometimes limp, sometimes very sentimental, he’s the kind of cinematic experience that warms hearts, surrendering herself to the arms of the audience as what she really needed to face the rest of humanity’s most difficult year with vigor. .

Delicate and symbolic, Safety is a passionate tale about virility in adversity. With core values ​​that have never been more needed than today, the original Disney + biopic is the warmth of a rainy day, reminding us that no matter how hard life’s paths are. There is always a breath of hope capable of changing its course.

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