Disney + | The 80s Live-Action We Most Want To See On The Platform

Brazilians were finally able to celebrate the arrival of Disney Plus in Brazil. And the platform arrived with both feet at the door. It couldn’t be otherwise, after all, facing stiff competition from Netflix, Amazon and others is no easy task. Little by little, the Disney platform is expanding and promising new and exclusive content, in addition to launching major productions directly in its streaming, as was the case with the live-action of Mulan and the much-loved Soul animation.

However, good service of the type should also appeal to the older and nostalgic, who always end up paying more attention to products of the past. Thinking of this select group of viewers, we’ve sifted through some of the 1980s Walt Disney productions that aren’t yet on the platform, but are already on the fan’s most requested list. On the way to HBO Max entering Brazilian soil, that would be a good way for Disney to give their audiences what they ask for and get even more gasoline in general. After all, the studio has a rich library. Find out which 80s movies Disney MUST put in their collection.

Condorman – The Bird Man

Had it been successful in launching in 1981, Disney’s assault on a superhero (based on a book) would undoubtedly have generated its own franchise at the level, for example, of something like Indiana Jones (whose first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, was released the same year). A mixture of winged heroes and 007, Condorman also serves as a satire on cinema spy films, with cartoonist Woody Wilkins (Michael Crawford) aiding the CIA against the Soviet Union. For the mission, he decides to become the creation of his pages, the hero Condorman, who uses several trinkets in his arsenal and uniform, the most striking being a pair of wings that allow him to fly. Disney was so confident in the production that they have already planned the sequel and even had a chocolate bomb in the cinema named after the film. It’s time to make this classic available in your Disney Plus collection and maybe revitalize the idea in a new movie or series.


One of the most iconic creations in pop culture, sailor Popeye has delighted generations in his designs over the years. Although many ignore or remember it, the character came to win his own live-action movie, still in 1980. And it wasn’t just any movie, it was a big bet. from the studio with none other than the late Robin Williams. the skin of the spinach-eating protagonist and Shelley Duvall (who the same year would star in The Shining) in the role of Olivia Palito. In the management, a true beloved master: Robert Altman. Despite praise from the press, this low budget musical failed to attract audiences and did not deliver as expected. After that, nothing more was done with the character in live-action, which is a shame. Popeye, however, may be a bit more difficult to be part of the Disney Plus collection, as it is a joint production with Paramount, which has distributed the feature in many countries. Same issue that excludes new Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland from the platform.

The dragon and the sorcerer

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The same copyright issue mentioned above is what this overproduction is going through, which was also created in partnership with Paramount – which may prevent its inclusion in the Disney Plus collection. Maybe the studio won’t fix the situation for the future. The early 1980s were a very productive time for the medieval cloak, sword, and fantasy adventure genre – which influenced everything up to the Star Wars blockbuster. In the plot of the film, Peter MacNicol (Ghostbusters 2) plays a sorcerer’s apprentice who embarks on a deadly mission: to kill a dragon that feeds on girls in a neighboring kingdom. Although little discussed today, this 1981 work was nominated for two Academy Awards – Best Special Effects and Soundtrack. In fact, the effects that create the antagonistic dragon are still impressive today and the creature was considered the best dragon ever seen in the film by none other than George RR Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones series. The author loves the monster and the movie so much that he named one of the dragons from the famous Vermithrax series, with the same name as the animal in this feature film. Disney could find a way to regain ownership and perhaps orchestrate a modern reboot.

The flight of the navigator

We apologize for the above items due to the collaboration between the studios, but this one doesn’t have much forgiveness. One of the most beloved children’s films of the 1980s, released in 1986, The Flight of the Navigator is not yet part of the collection of the Disney Plus platform, even if it is one of the most great hits live from the studio during the period. The classic mixes in its plot two elements very in vogue at the time: space travel (thanks to the success of Star Wars) and the friendship between a boy and alien creatures (ET – The Extraterrestrial). In the plot, boy David Freeman (Joey Cramer) has been missing for 8 years and when he returns he shows he hasn’t aged a year. Of course, beings from another planet are involved and now the boy has his own best friend from space. US authorities are starting to investigate. The film marks one of the first works of star Sarah Jessica Parker in a supporting role.

In the temple of temptations

Today, it’s nearly impossible for such a politically correct and family-friendly studio to create a horror movie with disturbing elements – even without intensity and more hardcore gore. However, in the 1980s, Disney guaranteed nightmares for their children. And one of those responsible was this adaptation of the book by Ray Bradbury, whose screenplay was written by the author himself, released in 1983. Jack Clayton, producer and director of the psychological horror classic Os Inocentes (1961) , is the one in charge of the work – to get a feel for what Mickey’s house was like in the past. In the plot, a quiet little town is haunted when an evil circus arrives at the site. Mr. Dark (not a subtle name), the owner, is a demonic guy, played with great pleasure by Oscar nominee Jonathan Pryce. But the actor isn’t the only big name here, and the late Jason Robards (2 Oscar winner) and veteran Diane Ladd (3 Oscar nominee) are doubling down with him. The story mixes together elements later used by Stephen King in Trocas Macabras (1993), where wishes can have dire consequences if granted. Where is the movie in the platform collection, Disney?

Max Devlin and the devil

In an era of cancellations we live in, it’s highly unlikely that Disney will want to save this 1981 production. All because the film is starring comedian Bill Cosby, who has been considered one of the years for years. the most charismatic actors in the country, with a height of importance without having led black artists on TV with their programs. However, in an evil turnaround, Cosby saw it all fall apart when he was convicted of drugging and raping women for years. Something that is simply unacceptable and utterly appalling. But is the ban on all productions that bring your participation the answer? Yes, Disney banned A Canção do Sul (1946) for containing content deemed racist, and HBO Max cautioned against what would be found in the classic … And the Wind Gone (1939) for the same reason. But there is nothing so controversial about Max Devlin and the Devil in its plot, and the controversy only exists behind the scenes in the personal life of its protagonist. In the film, Elliott Gould plays a corrupt businessman, forced to make a pact with the devil (Bill Cosby) in order to save his soul from hell. Maybe having Cosby as the devil is a sour irony in itself right now.

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