Do you like criminal plots and documentaries? We have 5 Netflix tips for you

The catalog of the genre produced by the company always brings good copies

Netflix’s production model is one that always values ​​quantity, so its catalog is constantly supplied with new productions. An obvious risk of this strategy is the production of works that are not of quality or that do not elicit public engagement. It is also the cause of many cancellations. However, if there is one genre in which the service is always right, it is the production of crime documentaries.

Always bringing varying cases but generating a great curiosity, these mini-series also manage to produce a great public engagement outside the framework of Netflix, since the cases are true crimes. All this combined with a very high level of production (provision of interviews with stakeholders and simulations) ensures the continuity of Netflix’s most stable genre. It is no coincidence that he recently launched his latest copy Quem Matou María Marta, one of Argentina’s most famous cases in recent years. Below we’ll see five documentaries, or mini-series, about criminals worth watching.

In 1984, a little boy was kidnapped in a French countryside. Little Gregory Villemin came from a family with good financial conditions, so a rescue was something the police considered inevitable. It was also alarming that prior to the kidnapping, the parents were threatened with phone calls that were not taken seriously. However, the child’s body was found in a river a few days after the disappearance. This terrible episode then sparked a series of suspicions among the family members themselves.

Barbarian crime is always remembered with regret in France

This case remains one of the most famous of its kind in France for having victimized a four-year-old child and for the suspicions raised that the culprit could have been a member of the family. We also remember the disastrous manner in which the police conducted the investigation.

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In the globalized world of the Internet, everything tends to spread faster than ever before in history; From political opinions to memes, anyone with minimal connection has an endless array of information at their disposal. Sometimes, however, something goes viral because it’s terrible.

A digital survey in the digital age

An unknown subject posts a video in which he kills a cat in cold blood. This is enough to generate disgust in a group of people who organize themselves to locate the individual and denounce him. For this, they study every detail of the scenario present in the video to trace a place where these objects are sold and thus find it. However, what starts out as animal abuse turns out to be far more disturbing and dangerous.

The primary function of parents towards the child is to protect the child from all threats. Sometimes the danger is not as clear as it is assumed, and sometimes it surrounds the child in such a way that it achieves its goal. The Jan Broberg case is one of those situations in which a predator manages to disguise his character so well that even the child’s parents cannot escape and are at his mercy.

A real and revolting crime

Around the 1970s Jan’s family met new neighbors Robert and Gail Berchtold. His relaxed and friendly ways quickly brought the two families together and the Broberg children (especially Jan) became very close to them. This, however, was only the beginning of the web of manipulation with which Robert involved the family for the sole purpose of taking young Jan for himself.

This series is one of the cases where the work has served to popularize the case and so action has actually started to be taken. The general plot follows the problematic relationship between Steven Avery and his city police department; very motivated by the bad reputation that his family has with the others of the place. In 1985 he was charged and arrested for rape, but subsequent DNA tests proved his innocence.

Steven Avery: guilty or innocent?

Years later, he was again charged with another crime, this time homicide. As a result of this process, he is serving a sentence to this day, still asserting his innocence and exhausting his resources. The first season, which has a clear tone in defense of Avery, raises the question of how local police handled crime scene evidence, as well as the use of intimidation and induction techniques. during an interrogation with the cousin of Steven Avery to call you to the crime. The case had a big impact after the premiere of the first season, which prompted his reassessment.

Some works use the saying “reality is stranger than fiction” and Diabolic Genius is no different. From the “collar bomb”, in which a pizza delivery boy committed a bank robbery which ended in tragedy in 2003, the miniseries at the same time brings a little of the history of Marjorie Diehl -Armstrong and the way it has become a central play anyway.

Diabolic Genie has a real story as strange as the fiction

What was armed then is a puzzle of sadism in which those involved manipulated and killed someone solely to satisfy their evil intentions. The production is broken down into four short episodes that delve into both the case and the aforementioned Marjorie perspective.

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