Do you want to BE EMOTIONAL? Netflix’s cute movie makes subscribers cry with excitement …

Turns and Moves Netflix is ​​adding a film to its catalog that is becoming a phenomenon and warming the hearts of its subscribers, as it did with ‘Miracle in Cell 7’.

Now streaming strikes again with the coming-of-age family adventure ‘Victoria e Mistério’, which has won over subscribers.

Based on a true story, the film follows Stéphane (Vincent Elbaz), a man who loses his wife and moves to the mountains with his 8-year-old daughter Vicky (Shanna Keil), who has stopped speaking after the familiar tragedy.

One day, while walking in the forest, Vicky discovers a puppy that she decides to keep a secret. She called it Mystery. The two are inseparable, but the little pup is growing and transforming the routine of their relationship.

On social media, subscribers indicated the production but added that the crying will be unleashed with so much emotion.

To verify?

Enjoy watching:

# VictoriaeMistério da #Netflix is ​​simple and relevant work. Without beating around the bush.
A story that explores the emotional vertical while presenting a coming-of-age tale for the father, daughter and werewolf. pic.twitter.com/JZtAg5Zyp2

– Fellipe Bambam (@fellipebambam) December 26, 2021

I started to watch “Victoria e Mistério” and I already want to cry, before 30 I was not like that

– lilli (@directodebrazil) December 25, 2021

how much i cried watching victoria and mystery is slut

– fernanda (@lucifer_nanda_) December 26, 2021

When you put logic into some movies, you destroy them. For example in Victoria and Mystery, how did the father not see that he was raising a wolf ??? ‍♀️‍♀️
And no it’s not spoiler.

– ️ (@sidhecraft) December 26, 2021

I do not recommend watching Victoria and Mystery on Netflix because it is sure that you will leave dehydrated

– Incubated Safada (@SamyraHinch) December 26, 2021

I’m watching Victoria and Mystery and now I want a teddy bear …

– you (@ H03YJ) December 26, 2021

I started watching the movie “Victory and Mystery”. Can I start to cry too !? He doesn’t even have 3 minutes of film

– Vic Sommelier of Gelato (@victorinhafaria) December 25, 2021

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Denis Imbert takes over the direction of the biopic, based on a screenplay written by Rémi Sappe, Mathieu Oullion and Stéphane Vasseur.

Vincent Elbaz, Shanna Keil, Eric Elmosnino, Marie Gillain and Tchéky Karyo are the stars of the drama.

Make sure you watch:

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