‘Doctor Strange 2’: Kevin Feige promises film will be ‘creepy and surprising’

During the Investor Day panel, Kevin Feige once again spoke about the long-awaited sequel “Doctor Strange in the Multiveso da Madcura”, promising that the film will be “scary, exciting and surprising.”

In addition, the producer also said that the production “will break the boundaries of the narrative”. The film will continue the events of the ‘WandaVision’ series and also connect with the events of ‘Spider-Man 3’.

It was also announced that Xochitl Gomez has joined the cast as America Chavez, a Latin heroine and member of the LGBTQ + community.

Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange again. The sequel will also feature the return of Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Elizabeth Olsen and Rachel McAdams.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters on March 25, 2022.

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“After the events of Avengers: Ultimatum, Dr. Strange continues his research into the Time Stone. But an old friend turned enemy ends his plans and causes Strange to unleash unspeakable evil. “

While the friend who became an enemy could easily apply to the Scarlet Witch (if she truly embraces the dark side of “ WandaVision ”), it seems much more likely that Baron Mordo (Chiwitel Ejiofor) is the cause of phase 4 conflicts.

Initially as Strange’s mentor, the former resident of Kamar-Taj ended up turning his back on his colleagues to pursue the power of the Ancient One.

The mention of the Time Stone is also interesting, given that the Infinity Jewel protected in Agamotto’s Eye was destroyed during the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

Baron Mordo’s intervention can open the door to evil to enter our world from other dimensions.

Recalling that the studio hired Michael Waldron (“Loki”) to rewrite the script for the sequel, which was being written by Jade Halley Bartlett.

Sam Raimi (Spider-Man Trilogy) will lead the project in place of Scott Derrickson – who left the film due to creative differences, but remains as producer.

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