‘DOOM’: director of ‘MegaTubarão 2’ wants to commission a new adaptation

In an interview with The Playlist, filmmaker Ben Wheatley (‘Rebecca – The Unforgettable Woman’) revealed that he wanted to make an adaptation of the ‘DOOM’ game franchise.

“I still want to do an adaptation of ‘DOOM’. I know they’ve done one before, but … come on! Or an adaptation of “Counter-Strike”, I would also like to direct. “

It should be remembered that the game won an adaptation in 2005, “Doom: The Door to Hell”, starring Dwayne Johnson. A box office failure, the film was killed by critics and fans of the games. In 2009, Universal Pictures released a straightforward video reboot, “DOOM: Annihilation,” which was also rejected by fans.

Ben Wheatley is currently working on the long-awaited sequel ‘MegaTubarão 2’, and recently revealed that the new movie will be awesome:

“My goal is to respect MegaTubarão and try to make this a great movie. It’s an opportunity to act on such an insane scale it’s just amazing. It will be just amazing. Just doing the storyboards, I imagined how awesome that would be. I feel a great responsibility, to make sure that I am going to please the fans of the big sharks.

The screenplay for the new film was written by Dean Georgaris and Jon & Erich Hoeber.

In addition to playing, Jason Statham will also be “creatively involved” in the feature film.

A theatrical success, “MegaTubarão” surprised at the box office and grossed a monstrous $ 530.2 million worldwide.

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