‘Duster’: Josh Holloway to star in new HBO Max series produced and co-written by JJ Abrams

“John” series star John Holloway will once again partner with filmmaker JJ Abrams on the new original HBO Max series titled “Duster.” The information was first revealed by Variety magazine.

Production takes place in the Southwest, in the height of the 1970s, and brings Holloway as an escape pilot to a growing crime syndicate.

Abrams signs the screenplay for “Duster”, alongside LaToya Morgan (“The Walking Dead”). Both also assume the role of executive producers of the project.

Holloway recently joined the cast of the third season of Paramount Pictures’ acclaimed western series “Yellowstone”.

He also starred in the American series “Colony” and created by Carlton Cuse, one of the co-creators of “Lost”.

Josh Holloway was best known for playing James Sawyer in the “Lost” series. In addition, the actor has also directed several episodes of the production, which features Abrams as one of the creators and executive producers.

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