Dwayne Johnson DENIED three famous sequels to star in “Black Adam” and “Red Alert”

Star Dwayne Johnson is certainly one of the most famous in the world and was also the highest paid actor of the past decade, with blockbusters such as “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, “Moana” and “Fast and the Furious “.

But he even gave up some after-effects, in order to be able to integrate new projects into his tumultuous schedule. According to producer, work partner and longtime friend of the actor, Hiram Garcia, Johnson even turned down three famous movie sequences he had previously acted in, in order to star in “Black Adam” and later “Red Alert. “.

The information was shared during an interview with the Collider portal. At the time, Garcia reflected on the reason for The Rock’s decision to drop the sequels to “Rampage: Total Destruction”, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” and “Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault”.

“In all of these movies the studios were asking for a sequel, but we felt together, ‘Look, we told a great side of the story. Now we want to tell another different story. “

Previously, Hiram Garcia, producer of “Hobbs & Shaw” and one of the main producers of Seven Bucks (which the actor owns), also confirmed that Johnson will not be returning for sequels 10 and 11 of the popular franchise of action “The Fast and the Furious”. “For obvious reasons”.

In another interview with Collider, Garcia reflected on the matter without directly citing the shit between Johnson and Vin Diesel. Additionally, he reassured fans, revealing that Johnson’s absence from “The Fast and the Furious” had no impact on his character’s journey through his own spin-off.

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“After the filming of Fast 8, Johnson made a clear decision to close this chapter of his life, for all the obvious reasons. He wishes them all the best and we focus on other stories. not coming back for Fast 10 and 11, it will in no way interfere with our plans with Hobbs.

Dwayne Johnson revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that members of the team for the “Fast and Furious” franchise thanked him after “taking a look” at Vin Diesel for his toxic behavior on set.

The rivalry has been well documented over the years, and Johnson admitted he was saddened that the dispute with Diesel had become public.

“My female co-stars are always amazing and I love them. Male actors, however, are a different story. Some act like standing men and real professionals, some don’t. Those who don’t are too much. cowards to do anything anyway. Assholes, “he revealed.

Johnson told Vanity Fair he decided to “watch out” for Vin Diesel.

“He caused a firestorm. After arguing with him, the team quietly came to thank me. But yeah, it wasn’t my best day to share it. I shouldn’t have shared this. Because at the end of the day, it goes against my DNA. I don’t share things like that. And I take that kind of bullshit out of the public. They don’t need to know it. That’s why I say it wasn’t my best day. “, did he declare.

Meanwhile, “The Fast and the Furious 10” won’t be released until 2023.

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