‘Elevation’: adaptation of Stephen King’s book is in development

In an interview with Cinema Blend, producer Jack Bender (“Mr. Mercedes” and “Under the Dome”) revealed he’s developing an adaptation of “Elevation,” a Stephen King book set in the iconic town of Castle Rock. .

“I recently adapted a Stephen King book called ‘Elevation’, which we’re going to make into a movie. And I made things up and added some, but I was nervous because he had never read anything that I had written, only done and produced. Needless to say, I was nervous about it, but loved it. He’s very sweet and knows that when we do a TV show, some things are going to change; This is how it works. “

He adds, “It’s not really a Stephen King horror story. It’s about how we can be better people. And it’s a wonderful story. It’s one of those unique things, and I’ve felt it since the first time I read it.

In the plot …

“In Castle Rock, Maine, Scott Carey is facing a mysterious illness that is having bizarre effects on his body and causing him to lose weight fast, even though he looks healthy on the outside. While battling the disease with a trusted doctor, he also tries to remedy a terrible situation involving a lesbian couple trying to open a restaurant surrounded by an audience that disapproves of them.

New information should be published soon.

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