“Elite: Short Stories” Returns With Christmas Tales In The Season 2 Trailer; To concern!

Netflix has released the “Elite: Short Stories” Season 2 trailer.

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The next cycle will have 3 episodes, which will focus on Philippe, Caye and Felipe (December 15), Samuel and Omar (December 20) and Patrick (December 23).

Santa Claus Samuel anticipated the gifts.
New episodes of Elite Short Stories are coming in December.

❤️‍🔥 12/15 / – Philippe Caye Felipe❤️‍🔥
’12 / 20 – Samuel Omar ‘
’23 / 12 / – Patrick ‘

And as you have been good all year, season 6 of Elite is also confirmed pic.twitter.com/kMld5nX2aB

– netflixbrasil (@NetflixBrasil) October 28, 2021

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