‘Emily in Paris’: Netflix says fans are pronouncing series title the wrong way

In a recent post on Twitter, Netflix revealed a somewhat interesting detail (and no one really asked) about the latest ‘Emily in Paris’ romantic comedy series.

The streaming platform said fans were pronouncing the production’s title the wrong way. After all, “Emily in Paris” must be pronounced with a French accent, so that “Emily” and “Paris” cast “.

What do you think?

It should be remembered that the production has already been renewed for the 2nd season.

“Next season, we can explore how the relationship between these three characters evolves,” creator Darren Star told TVLine. “For me, it’s something fun to explore in the second season because they’re not American. They are French. And much of the series shows common things from a new perspective. The new season will open up some interesting and surprising possibilities.

Created by Star (“Younger”, “Sex and the City”), the production was initially to be broadcast by the Paramount Network, but its rights were purchased by the streaming giant.

In the plot, Lily Collins plays Emily, an ambitious young woman who works as a marketing manager in Chicago and ends up unexpectedly transferred to Paris. There, she will start a new life, trying to convince her coworkers, make new friends and maybe embark on some exciting romances.

The cast includes Ashley Park (‘Mean Girls’ musical on Broadway), Philippine Leroy Beaulieu (‘ Call My Agent! ‘), Lucas Bravo (Smartass), Samuel Arnold (‘ Antony & Cleopatra ‘), Camille Razat (‘ 3:17 pm – Train to Paris’) and Bruno Gouery (Doc Martin).

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