‘Enola Holmes’: Netflix settles after being sued for giving ‘Sherlock Holmes’ feelings to Henry Cavill

Earlier this year, the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the legendary writer responsible for creating Detective Sherlock Holmes and his wonderful adventures, filed a lawsuit against Netflix and the adaptation ‘Enola Holmes’, starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry. Cavill.

The streaming was prosecuted for giving “feelings” to the character who must, by law, be “cold and calculating”.

The lawsuit originally targeted Netflix and author Nancy Springer (who wrote the book the film is based on).

The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Netflix has come to an agreement and asked for the case to be closed, as the parties settled it out of court.

Holmes has been a character in pop culture for over 130 years and, due to his longevity, has been in the public domain for quite some time – meaning anyone is free to do whatever they want with them. stories. However, not all character-centric stories are, in fact, accessible to the public.

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Some tales, in fact, are still protected by the state because they are quite different from the personality of the protagonist, presenting the detective as someone “amiable”, “able to have friends”, “expressing emotions. ”And“ respecting women ”. These changes were written in response to the time Conan Doyle lost his family in World War I, deciding that the analytical and calculating figure needed to grow up and stop being “emotional.”

Right away, Sherlock reacts quite coldly about his younger sister, then kisses her candidly and kindly. These aspects of the detective’s personality are still protected by law and, therefore, are not included in the public domain – which is the reason for the process.

How crazy, right?

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