“Escape from New York”: John Carpenter discusses the possibility of new suites

In an interview with Total Film, director John Carpenter (“The Riddle of Another World”) raised the possibility of new sequels to the “Escape from New York” franchise, starring Kurt Russell.

“Snake is a character very dear to Kurt [Russell]. It was he who convinced me to do the sequel [‘Fuga de Los Angeles’]. There are probably more stories for a third and fourth film about the character. I don’t know if it will get off the log, but I think it deserves it.

It’s worth remembering that a remake of the original film was in development at FOX, before being compared by Disney.

Leigh Whannell (‘Upgrade: Update’) wrote the script for the new version.

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed whether the project will continue with the studio change.

The 1981 film stars actor Kurt Russell as the iconic Snake Plissken, a rough and tough one-eyed doomed in a futuristic world (1997) who receives a buyout offer to save the president, including the plane. crashed into maximum security prison. If he fails, a bomb trapped in his body will detonate him.

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