“Escape”: Netflix subscribers are angry, but LOVE the suspense; Check out the reactions!

The acclaimed thriller ‘Escape’, starring Sarah Paulson, is out now on Netflix and streaming subscribers LOVE the production.

With an agonizing plot and great twists and turns, the suspense has conquered moviegoers.

Check out the reactions:

Wow, I went to watch this new Netflix movie called “Escape” and what a hell of a movie, I have never been so angry in 1 hour and 30 minutes like I was watching that damn movie I love you Sarah Paulson, but I never wished the death of a character like you

– red (@virtorou) April 2, 2021

I just watched “Escape” on Netflix. My God the twist in the final seconds of the movie 👁👄👁

– ohnizoS (@naellbr) April 3, 2021

Just watched Escape from Netflix man! there is breath to accompany the filming and Sarah Paulson once again gave the name. #Remove pic.twitter.com/SNt8MhxCuz

– laerte do vigor (@laerte_fs) April 4, 2021

I just watched “run away” on Netflix, amazed, I’ve never felt such hatred for a Sarah Paulson character

– landim (@alandi_sun) April 2, 2021

Enjoy watching:

What a movie my friends! A suspense to become snowy from start to finish. The plot at the end is the best! I highly recommend it! Escape available on Netflix! #FujaNaNetflix pic.twitter.com/sLI2lhg7GF

– Nanda 🌵⭐🌍 (@nandayna) April 3, 2021

I just watched Fuja, a Netflix movie, with Sarah Paulson. I found it very good, the suspense that holds you back from start to finish. I recommend it, but notice already: you will be angry kkkkk pic.twitter.com/bEmozZ5YcI

– Leandro: ||: Botelho (@Le_BotelhoSA) April 2, 2021

Criticism | Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen star in ‘Escape,’ one of the year’s best thrillers

Watch our review:

The plot follows a teenage girl who has spent her entire life in isolation with her mother and ends up uncovering a terrible secret hidden for many years. Does the daughter go mad after all this time in the cloister, or is the mother a psychopath?

The film will be released in theaters by Paris Filmes, but its premiere has been canceled due to theatrical closures due to the growth of COVID-19 cases. Eventually, the streaming giant acquired the international distribution rights for the feature film.

In the United States, production was started by the Hulu platform.

The feature film has already debuted on international circuits and made a surprisingly big hit among critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature has won 93% approval, scoring 7.30 / 10 based on 83 reviews to date. According to the German consensus, the film is “solidly played” and “constructed with wisdom”, becoming an “incredible thriller”.

Check out the main comments:

“A Fragile and Sordid Diversion” – Entertainment Weekly.

“A perfectly dynamic, well-edited and agile thriller” – FilmWeek.

“Representation of people with disabilities is necessary, and ‘Escape’ is doing it the right way” – The Mary Sue.

“Fast and clean – the movie comes in, does its job, and goes before we can thank you” – The MacGuffin.

“Paulson’s performance is what helps turn this thriller into warped entertainment” – Entertainment Voice.

The production is directed by Aneesh Chaganty, responsible for the thriller “Buscando …”.

Kiera Allen and Pat Healy round out the cast.

In addition to directing, Chaganty co-wrote the screenplay alongside Sev Ohanian.

Make sure to watch:

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