“Escape Room 2 – Maximum Voltage” gets 40% approval in RT; Check out the reviews!

The sequel ‘Escape Room 2 – Maximum Tension’ (Escape Room: Tournament of Champions) is hitting theaters around the world soon, but it appears to have fallen short of expectations.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature has achieved a 40% approval, with a rating of 5.10 / 10 based on 5 reviews so far. International critics praised the production’s action sequences and tense atmosphere, but noted the same mistakes as the previous film.

Check out the comments below:

“It’s a film aimed at a young audience that strikes a balance between loud optimism and despair” – The Age.

“There is enough genuine fun and fascination to make this tour worthwhile” – The AU Review.

“It’s really more of the same, just bigger and brighter, and less grotesque than the original” – Stuff.co.nz.

“Although director Adam Robitel tries to create something memorable through the edgy tone, the repetition and exaggeration speaks louder” – Concrete Playground.

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“Robitel and his writers cannot leave bad habits, ignoring any sense of the conclusion to keep the money train going for a third chapter” – Blu-ray.com.

Adam Robitel returns to management.

In the new movie, six people find themselves trapped in a new series of escape rooms, looking for what they have in common to survive … and discovering that everyone has played this game before. tournament for those who survived other deadly games.

Sony Pictures has revealed that the film will hit theaters on July 16, 2021 (six months ahead of schedule).

Logan Miller and Taylor Russell return for the new movie. The cast also includes Isabelle Fuhrman (‘The Orphan’), Holland Roden (‘Teen Wolf’), Indya Moore (‘Pose’), Thomas Cocquerel (‘The 100’) and Carlito Olivero (‘The House of Fear’).

A theatrical success, the first film grossed $ 155.7 million worldwide.

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