‘Escape Room 2: Maximum Voltage’ is now available for rent on Amazon Prime Video

The box office hit “Escape Room 2: Maximum Voltage” is now available for rent on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

To view the film, you do not need to be a streaming subscriber: all you have to do is go to the “Store” tab of the platform, choose your film and the method of payment. You will have 30 days to start watching a rented movie, and after playing, you must finish watching it within 48 hours.

See the announcement:

Adam Robitel returns to management.

Have fun watching:

In the new movie, six people find themselves trapped in a new series of escape rooms, looking for what they have in common to survive … and discovering that everyone has played this game before. tournament for those who survived other deadly games.

Logan Miller and Taylor Russell return for the new movie. The cast also includes Isabelle Fuhrman (‘The Orphan’), Holland Roden (‘Teen Wolf’), Indya Moore (‘Pose’), Thomas Cocquerel (‘The 100’) and Carlito Olivero (‘The House of Fear’).

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