‘Escape Room 2’: the director reveals an original INSANE idea for the sequel

In an interview with Collider, director Adam Robitel, who returns to the chair from “Escape Room 2: Maximum Tension”, spoke a bit about the sequel and revealed what his original idea would be for the feature film – totally changing the final narrative. .

“I wanted to do something drastically different, to be honest, at first. I wanted to do a villain origin story. I knew I wanted to put Zoey and Ben’s revenge story on, but I wanted to do something like the behind-the-scenes game-making in the father-daughter scenes. The problem was, I found myself torn between two stories that had a lot of content, a lot to tell. It should work as an anthology. It was like I carried a rock up a mountain, you know? To try to make it work ”.

Check out the trailer:

In the film, six people find themselves trapped in a new series of escape rooms, looking for what they have in common to survive … and find that everyone has played this game before. is a tournament for those who have survived other deadly games.

The film premiered on July 16 in theaters in the United States and will arrive in Brazil on August 26.

Logan Miller and Taylor Russell return for the new movie. The cast also includes Isabelle Fuhrman (‘The Orphan’), Holland Roden (‘Teen Wolf’), Indya Moore (‘Pose’), Thomas Cocquerel (‘The 100’) and Carlito Olivero (‘The House of Fear’).

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A theatrical success, the first film grossed $ 155.7 million worldwide.

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