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If you haven’t watched Eternos yet, skip this article if you don’t want to receive any spoilers.

If you’ve seen the new Marvel movie, Eternos, you’ve probably heard of ex-One Direction’s involvement with Harry Styles in the post-credits scene. His appearance takes place moments after the Eternals who reside on Earth are abducted by Arishem. Then, along with Pip the Troll, comes MCU’s newest antihero, Eros, aka Starfox.

He is introduced as the Prince of Titan and brother of Thanos (Josh Brolin), and soon generates the Celestial Communication Particle, promising to help the heroes find their missing friends. All of this, of course, in a cheesy triumphant entry, showing just how ambiguous and cheesy this character can be.

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Created by Jim Starling in the 1970s, Eros is an Eternal who happens to be the brother of Thanos, who is later revealed to have a deviant past. This dysfunctional family is based on the Greek deities Thanatos and Eros. While one personifies death, no wonder Thanos is in love with it, the other is the embodiment of love and eroticism. Therefore, in addition to having all the powers of an Eternal, such as superhuman flight, strength, stamina and speed, he is also able to manipulate matter and access brain pleasure stimulants. , thus allowing him to manipulate people into feeling pleasure and happiness, or even drug them.

Due to his background and good looks, he never took things so seriously, showing himself as a hedonistic lifestyle character. In other words, the famous “can live”. However, after Thanos kills his mother, he takes things a little more seriously and goes in search of his brother for revenge.

On Earth, he was part of the Avengers, but had to adopt the moniker Starfox, as Eros wasn’t a very pretty name for all of the ages there. However, his time on Earth was not very pleasant. As well as having to leave for family issues and provoking intrigues with some of the most powerful heroes on the planet, he was prosecuted for sexual harassment after using his powers to manipulate a woman into taking him. Then superhuman lawyer Jennifer Walters, the Hulk Woman, stepped in and discovered that she had already been mentally manipulated by him. Later, he ends up being tried on his planet and ends up being punished for the loss of his powers. Detail: Thanos himself testifies against him, claiming that his unhealthy passion for Death is the fault of Eros’ manipulation.

In the film, Eros is presented by a clumsy and hideous creature with a boastful air. He is none other than Pip the Troll. A few years ago, when Peter Dinklage was confirmed in Avengers: Infinite War (2018), many fans thought he would play this creature, as it is an important part of Thanos’ gem hunt. infinity. However, it turned out that he was playing Eitri, the dwarf.

In the comics, Pip is a space prince banished from his lands who is addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and beautiful women. Another who knows how to live. During his travels, he eventually comes into conflict between Adam Warlock and his evil version, Magus. Once the conflict is resolved, he develops a friendship with Adam and ends up owning the Space Gem. Due to its proximity to the gem, the Troll suffers the side effect of being able to teleport anywhere he wants, and can even take another turn. With his superhuman strength and ability to spot any creature anywhere in the universe, Pip is like a pocket Heimdall (Idris Elba).

As seen in the movie, the film version of Pip (Patton Oswalt) likely changed their friendship with Adam to their relationship with Eros, which makes a lot of sense given their passion for the extravagances they all have. of them. And since the duo promise to help the Eternals find their missing friends, the powers of the Troll are very useful for a possible Marvel group sequel.

However, Starfox and its ambiguities form the typical character that James Gunn and Taika Waititi, directors of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Thor: Love and Thunder, respectively, enjoy working on their films. And as actor Will Poulter was confirmed in Guardians 3 as Adam Warlock, audiences may return to seeing these characters again sooner than expected. The point is, the Marvel Cosmic Universe has what it takes to dominate MCU stories for years to come, and Eros could be a big part of it.

Eternos plays in Brazilian cinemas.

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