“ Eternals ” trailer breaks record viewing in pandemic period

Marvel Studios has finally released the long-awaited ‘The Eternals’ trailer, bringing a very different take on the one it had already introduced to the MCU.

And the trailer succeeded. According to Deadline, “Eternos” recorded 77 million views in the first 24 hours. This is the best brand for a Disney / Marvel trailer during the pandemic time.

Shortly after, “Cruella” with 71 million views and “WandaVision” with 53 million.

Did you like the trailer?

After watching the first trailer for the feature film, some fans were outraged to learn that the new group of heroes were not helping the Avengers in the fight against Thanos and the infamous “blip.”

Through Twitter, many voiced their opinions and displeasure with the characters, based on just over two minutes of promotional video.


The Eternals as Thanos destroyed half of life in the universe pic.twitter.com/b9ewLH5Oi4

– Deadpool (@itswadewilson) May 24, 2021

“The Eternals, as Thanos destroyed half of life in the universe.”

the #eternals watching the avengers fight thanos pic.twitter.com/g3M0l0NZcH

– K attend loki४ (@goldloki) May 24, 2021

“The Eternals Watching The Avengers Fight Thanos”.

Enjoy watching:

The Eternals when the Avengers were destroyed by Thanos #Eternals pic.twitter.com/4S11Bcm45f

– Marvel / DC (@ soapw1) May 24, 2021

“The Eternals when the Avengers were destroyed by Thanos”.

The Avengers: Fight Loki, Ultron, Thanos. Almost dead, wipe half of the whole universe

The Eternals: They Look Strong, Guys🤗🤗 https://t.co/P6lATnn9CU

– nana (@hanluizy) May 24, 2021

“The Avengers: Fight against Loki, Ultron, Thanos. They almost died, took away half of the universe. The Eternals: We are strong guys ”.

the fact that the Eternals knew the avengers? they’ve been laughing at them trying to save earth since 2012 and I think that’s iconic of them pic.twitter.com/fbW7bU9Z7K

– alias (@itsjustanotherx) May 24, 2021

“The fact that the Eternals knew about the Avengers?” They’ve been laughing at them trying to save the earth since 2010 and I think that’s iconic ”.

The Eternals: “… we never intervened”

The Avengers and the rest of the world after Thanos: pic.twitter.com/3JH1tiL28J

– Jodie-Leigh (@ajodieleigh) May 24, 2021

“The Eternals:“ We never intervene ”. The Avengers and the rest of the world after Thanos: “

If I were an avenger I would definitely hate the cause of the Eternals where the hell have you been ??? 😭

– the villain (@pinkprinttingz) May 24, 2021

“If I were an avenger, I would hate the Eternals, because where were they?

The #Eternals watching Thanos beat the Avengers and kill half of all life in the universe pic.twitter.com/5GWddw2MLQ

– David Opie 🌈 (@DavidOpie) May 24, 2021

“The Eternals watch Thanos destroy the Avengers and kill half the life in the universe.”

Ok but to be clear the Eternals didn’t feel like helping with Thanos

– Shalyah Evans (@ShalyahEvans) May 24, 2021

“Okay, but just to clarify, the Eternals didn’t think they should help against Thanos.”

Watch the trailer in both dubbed and subtitled versions:

Scheduled for November 2021, “ The Eternals ” follows the journey of nearly immortal beings, products of the evolutionary divergence that gave birth to the human race millennia ago. The characters relate to several concepts already introduced in previous universe films, from Celestials (who appeared in “ Guardians of the Galaxy ”) to Thanos, whose own mother was one of his victims.

The cast includes Angelina Jolie (Thena), Salma Hayek (Ajak), Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo), Lauren Ridloff (Makkari), Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos), Lia McHugh (Sprite), Don Lee (Gilgamesh), Gemma Chan (Sersi) )), Kit Harington (Dark Knight), Barry Kheogan (Druig) and Richard Madden (Ikaris).

Make sure to watch:

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