EXCITING! Girl loses brother in thrilling ‘Jhalki’s Journey’ trailer

CinePOP EXCLUSIVELY unveils the exciting trailer for the award-winning drama “Jhalki’s Journey”, which opens at Virtual Cinema on February 11.


For a brief oversight, Jhalki loses his younger brother, who is only seven years old. She needs to find him at all costs. And for that, he will have to face the corruption and deep-rooted hoaxes of the system. Inspired by real events, against the backdrop of human trafficking and child labor, “ Jhalki’s Journey ” becomes an atypical thriller of hope, courage, self-confidence and perseverance in an inhuman world , seen through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl, who will stop nowhere but a triumph.

The drama has won several awards, including:

▪ A Show For A Change Film Festival 2019: Best photography
▪ Boston International Film Festival 2019: Best original screenplay
▪ Cincinnati Indian Film Festival 2020: Best Film – Jury Prize
▪ International Independent Film Awards 2020: best screenplay, best screenplay, best photography, best soundtrack, best original song, best visual effects.
▪ International Screen Awards 2020: best film
▪ International Screen Awards 2019: Gold Award – Best Emerging Film
▪ San Diego International Film Festival 2020 – Best International Film
▪ Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 2019: Best Director

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