EXCLUSIVE! “Agente Duplo”: an acclaimed spy documentary premiered on Globoplay; Check out!

Acclaimed at Sundance Film Festival 2020, the documentary ‘Agente Duplo’ (‘The Mole Agent’) premieres today (21) on Globoplay and CinePOP brings the exclusive details of the attraction.

Combining elements of documentary and spy films, the Chilean production accompanies Sergio Chamy, an 83-year-old man who spies on an asylum when the daughter of one of the residents begins to suspect that her mother is being abused.

The plot written and directed by Maite Alberdi (“I’m not from here”) begins when a detective named Rómulo uses newspaper ads to search for a man between 80 and 90 years old for a three-month mission.

Trying to distract himself after his wife’s death, Sergio becomes interested in the proposal and goes through a selection, being chosen to work immediately … But it seems he doesn’t know much about the espionage world. and that makes him the ideal candidate.

As Rómulo explains, his client is the daughter of a woman from the San Francisco asylum, who decides to hire the detective when he suspects that her mother is being abused.

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Equipped with hidden cameras and a smartphone, Sergio must infiltrate the retirement home, approach the elderly woman and report his findings at each stage of the mission.

However, the aspiring spy finds his greatest difficulty in dealing with so much technology, which also gives him moments of humor and relaxation.

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