[EXCLUSIVO] ’22 Against Earth ‘:’ Soul ‘Universe could win new projects, director reveals

A few days after Disney / Pixar’s iconic Oscar victory in 2021 with Soul animation, the film enters a new chapter, with the arrival of the short film ’22 Contra Terra ‘.

The production, which takes place before the events of the film, accompanies Character 22, doing its best to prevent other souls from finding their purpose in life and moving forward on Earth.

And quickly, the short is able to expand the story of this stubborn soul, also opening the door for further development of the franchise. And in an exclusive interview with our journalist and critic Rafa Gomes, of CinePOP, 22 Contra a Terra director Kevin Nolting revealed that there is even the possibility of Soul expanding into new projects.

In addition, he added that the universe of the film can easily expand and develop into new stories:

“I hope he will develop. There’s nothing coming up just yet and these things have developed over the years at Pixar. We had a 10 year hiatus to be able to deliver these two amazing films with 22. So we have a lot of directors who are developing a lot of ideas during this hiatus. But yes, there is definitely a possibility, but now we don’t have a concrete plan. But I agree with you, there are many possibilities in this universe ”.

Nolting, who was also the editor of the Soul and Divertida Mente films, also gave details of how the development of the short has gone, reinforcing the studio’s old tradition of expanding its films into short stories:

“These things have always been talked about at Pixar. We always do an extra pull for the DVD, a short like that. So, six or eight months before a movie came out, we started talking about it and this time it was no different. What is changing is that we are no longer doing the DVD part, but Disney + continues to follow the tradition of short films ”.

The director also reflected on the importance of preserving the identity of the universe and the characters of the original feature film, so that the plot of the short film not only honors the source material, but can extend it to audiences as well:

“I worked on Soul very close to Pete [Docter] and I will always be very respectful of everything he has done in the past. And yes, trying to come up with a new and interesting approach to the material is part of being involved in a project like this, but without ever disrespecting your universe and taking your life. It was a special challenge for me. Also, during production of the film, we talked a lot about the character 22, as there wasn’t much room for his background, just for those brief moments with his mentors. So that’s something we talked about a lot, we played a lot of games related to what would have happened at 22, to make it what it was ”.

The short film ’22 Against Earth ‘debuted this Friday 30 on the Disney + programming schedule.

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Before the events of “Soul”, 22 refuses to go to Earth and creates a gang with 5 other souls in an attempt to rebel. However, as the activities of those around him bring unexpected results, 22’s subversive plan can lead to surprising revelations about the meaning of life.

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