[EXCLUSIVO] ‘The Grotto’: Carolina Ferraz was afraid of movie story, director says

The new national horror starring Carolina Ferraz, titled ‘A Gruta,’ is now available exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video platform. And according to the director, Arthur Vinciprova, the protagonist of the feature came to be afraid of the story the moment she read the script for the first time.

The filmmaker revealed the information during an interview with our journalist and critic Rafa Gomes. On occasion, he also revealed how Ferraz’s casting process was for the role of the nun “ A Gruta ”:

“I had her name in mind because I had watched a movie in which she played a transvestite and found her choice to play a completely different role than anything she had ever done very interesting. I really liked his interpretation and then I sent the script. She loved the material and wanted to make an appointment at the same time and then she’s been with us from the start ”.

Vinciprova also shared a curious detail related to the actress’ involvement in the project, revealing that fear of the story was one of the factors that motivated her to take on the role of protagonist:

“It was very funny because she told me that the day before receiving the script she had spoken to the actress and her longtime friend Glória Pires, who would never make a horror film, because she thought it had nothing to do with your profile. And a day later she got the script and was excited, to see that the character was empowering and also because the story really scared her and found her super interesting. It was really cool to have this back from her ”.

Watch the trailer:

The film was written and directed by Arthur Vinciprova, and tells the story of a serious accident in a closed cave, where a boy becomes the sole survivor. Four bodies were found at the scene and forensic evidence indicates that the same young man brutally murdered his friends, his wife and his tour guide. In serious condition, he denies the murders and refuses to collaborate with the police. Certain that his wife was possessed by a demonic force, he asks a nun for help.

The cast also includes Nayara Justino, Arthur Vinciprova, Fábio Soares, Luciene Martes and Jhenifer Emmerick, in addition to special appearances by Pietro Mário, Anna Zelma Campos and Mônica Izidoro.

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