[EXCLUSIVO] ‘Tom and Jerry’ streak could take place in Brazil, director says

The live-action version of “Tom & Jerry” hits theaters next Thursday (11) and takes popular small-screen characters on a big adventure in New York City.

But the characters’ journey can continue to new territories, if the production wins a sequel. According to the director of the feature film, Tim Story, there is the possibility of bringing the popular duo to Brazil. The information came to light during an interview with CinePOP editor-in-chief Renato Marafon.

On this occasion, he thought with good humor to the idea of ​​a continuation in Brazilian lands, but clarified that there are still no definite plans for a future chapter of the saga of cats:

“Look, what an incredible idea that would be! If it’s an invitation, I would say yes! Why not Brazil? I like this country. I have no idea of ​​a sequel, but bringing these characters back would be a dream come true and one thing I guarantee is that we’ll be traveling somewhere, maybe Brazil ”.

Throughout the discussion, Story also reflected on whether to develop the film as a hybrid between live-action and 2D animation, making it clear that the goal was to preserve the essence of the beloved characters, in order to maintain a connection with the older audience, which grew with the production.

“We have always had this idea of ​​making a hybrid version. This hybridism has always been about bringing animals into the animation, which I have found incredible from the start. One thing we really wanted to do was make sure we brought something that was as close to how you remember the drawing as a kid. And one of the ways to do that was to keep them in 2D animation, depending on the animation you grew up with, and not make them more human like some movies have done in the past. We wanted to say, “No, these characters are animated, if you cut them in half they go back to their original shape, they don’t die”. And that was a lot of fun, because it gave us unlimited screen to bring a lot of things that make them fun on screens ”.

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The cast consists of Michael Peña, Chloë Grace-Moretz, Ken Jeong, Rob Delaney, Jordan Bolger and Pallavi Sharda.

Jerry the rat lives inside the walls of a large New England country house, where he befriends the former owners, a loving senior couple. Their unique and comedic friendship comes to an end after the elderly couple pass away and their house is put up for sale. When a young family moves in, Jerry is determined to scare them and not take back his house. The family quickly adopted a stray cat named Tom to help them get rid of their pest problem. In an epic battle for the house, Tom and Jerry soon discover their growing adoration for family and must work together to protect them from an outside threat. Through teamwork, the two learn the supreme value of family and friendship.

“Tom and Jerry” began as a series produced in short episodes, averaging seven and 10 minutes each. Between the 1940s and 1958, the Hanna-Barbera studio made 114 short films for MGM. With the worldwide success of animation, the duo ended up winning a real television series in 1975, called – initially – “The Tom and Jerry Show”.

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