‘Excuse Me, I Love You’: Ariana Grande Documentary Now Available On Netflix

Popstar’s new Ariana Grande documentary show for Netflix, titled “ Excuse me, I love you, ” is now available on the streaming platform. The production debuted on the lineup last Monday (21).

The film follows behind the scenes of the great Sweetener world tour, as it still reveals details about the artist’s personal routine, amidst his producers and the heavy work of preparing his shows.

Discover the trailer with subtitles:

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Grande also posted an open letter on her official Instagram to celebrate the project.

“I am posting this film as a love letter to everyone, to celebrate all that we have had in recent years. I know this project only captures part of one of the visits […], but I wanted to thank everyone for showing me more in this life than I could ever dream of ”.

Grande became a music superstar with the release of “Yours Truly”, his first studio album, also in 2013. Since then he has trod a path of great success, rising to the level of one of the most successful artists. sold all the time.

Her latest musical, “Positions,” reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, while the song of the same name debuted at the top of the Hot 100. She also launched the “Rain On Me” collaboration alongside Lady Gaga, securing a 2021 Grammy nomination.

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