‘Extraordinary’: see photos of Jacob Tremblay’s transformation process into Auggie

“Extraordinário”, the adaptation of the book of the same name by writer RJ Palacio, got some new and interesting behind-the-scenes footage.

Makeup artist Arjen Tuiten posted footage of Jacob Tremblay’s AMAZING transformation to live little Auggie Pullman.


The film became a national box office phenomenon and drew more than 3 million viewers in theaters, with 60 million reais in revenue.

Enjoy watching:

With a facial handicap, which has so far prevented him from going to a mainstream school, Auggie becomes the most unlikely hero when he enters 5th grade at a mainstream school. Your family, new classmates, and the community struggle to develop compassion and acceptance. Auggie’s extraordinary journey will unite them and prove that it is not possible to mix when you are born to stand out.

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Criticism | Extraordinary is one of those rare movies that make us cry

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