Falcão and the Winter Soldier | What do we want to see in the series?

The MCU’s second original series on Disney + debuts tomorrow (19) and we can’t wait to see what Marvel has up to now. Having the difficult mission of continuing the legacy of Captain America (Chris Evans) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the production also has as its predecessor nothing less than the most successful trilogy of the Marvel heroes franchise in theaters, which has grown. the latte of the genre with the arrival of the Russo Brothers in the direction. Now written by Malcolm Spellman (Empire) and directed by Kari Skogland (The Tale of Aia), the high level is expected to be maintained. In addition, the series was planned as a six-hour major movie, including a movie budget. Also banking on the return of old characters and the arrival of new faces, Falcão and the Winter Soldier should surprise anyone who expects something more silly. Thinking about it, we’ve separated what we’d like to see on the show. Check!

Super powerful spies

As seen in the Russo Brothers movies, Captain America’s universe is full of domestic and international political intrigue. One of the biggest draws of Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) was precisely this climate of the 1970s spy movie, in which the protagonist doesn’t know who to trust and threats lurk around every corner. . As the Marvel movie sequence ended up taking a more mystical and spatial course, with the Avengers battling against each other and villains from other planets, this more “down-to-earth” hero proposal ended up being forgotten. . We hope the series rescues that spirit of diplomatic confusion, spying on intrigue and using action more consistent with reality, even though the protagonists have special powers.


One of the most unusual situations in Captain America: Civil War (2016) was the relationship between Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). United by a mutual friendship with Steve Rogers, the duo endure out of respect for their friend. While Bucky is cooler, quieter, and more calculating, Sam is more playful and picky. In addition to this generational conflict, they also met in a setting where the Winter Soldier was a menacing villain and hunted by the Falcon. In other words, it makes sense that they have these frictions. And this kind of relationship is very common in big crime series, where one agent doesn’t run into the other, but they have to understand each other to save the day. Due to the heroes’ “friendship”, in which one does not respect the other so much, it would be very interesting to see this relationship develop on screens in the best style of Anjos da Lei.

Baron zemo

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The last time we saw Zemo (Daniel Brühl) he was trying to kill himself, having completed his plan to split and end the Avengers. However, he was prevented by the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), who took him prisoner. In the series, he will be moldy in a prison in Germany, when he escapes to once again attempt to shake the structures of the world using only his wits and weapons. It’s no secret that this universe of Captain America in the MCU was pretty much all based on the Ed Brubaker phase, in which the big threat is the Red Skull, which transfers its consciousness to the head of the Man in the Dark. Soviet Affairs Aleksander Lukin, owner of a company that uses its influence in the market to create a financial crisis in the US, generating protests and uprisings, in addition to the death of Captain America. As Caveira became the Guardian of the Soul Gem in Vormir, it wouldn’t be surprising if Zemo, assuming his comic book identity as Baron Zemo, took on the role of the cerebral villain orchestrating a new plan for the structural destruction of the United States and of the hero.

Steve’s death

As we saw at the end of Avengers: Endgame (2019), Steve Rogers fired the Infinity Stones on their respective deadlines and decided to stay in the past to live a life together with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). , The love of his life. So in 2023 Steve is a man over 100 years old. Not long ago, Disney posted an image of Sam crying in a lobby with a giant Captain America poster hanging on the wall. It would be a huge shock if “old Steve” died at the start of the series, paving the way once and for all for Falcão to assume his role without part of the fandom crying for a possible return of Steve. Rogers.

Black Live Matters

When the series began writing, George Floyd’s assassination had yet to take place, but the race question in the United States was already on the rise due to the constant attacks on black and Latin communities. Since Captain America has become a practically secular symbol of the United States and has always been associated with the white and blond soldier, it is to be expected that the passing of the shield to Sam Wilson, a former black serviceman, will cause much controversy in the world. popular opinion. This happened in real life, when the character took on the role of captain in the comics, showing the worst of the nerdy community. Well, in the comics, “Capitão Falcão” ended up becoming an anti-racism icon for questioning – and shooting down – the bad guys. We already know that the racial question will be a key point of the series, so much so that it is from there that the American agent (Wyatt Russell) must come. It would therefore be interesting to see Falcão assume this role of icon of the black cause in the USA.

The Patriot

Grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America, Elijah Bradley is one of the Young Avengers who seduces the public the most. Impulsive, but extremely respectful of “Captains America”, he “inherited” the powers of a super-soldier from a blood transfusion from his grandfather. It has all the skills that Steve Rogers wears a uniform very similar to Bucky’s in WWII and wears the triangular shield that Steve originally wore. It is said that he would be introduced to Falcão and the Winter Soldier. We hope this will become true.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier debuts tomorrow (19) at Disney +.

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