Family takes refuge in neighbor’s bunker in tense “American Refugee” trailer, Blumhouse’s TERROR

Blumhouse has released the first “American Refugee” horror trailer, which will be released in partnership with EPIX on December 10th.

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Ali LeRoi will be responsible for directing, based on a screenplay written by Allison & Nicolas Buckmelter.

The plot will follow a family seeking refuge in a neighbor’s bunker (Trammell) as the U.S. economy crumbles and the nation is under martial law. Soon they realize that the danger inside the place can be even greater than the danger outside …

Sam Trammell (‘True Blood’), Erika Alexander (‘Run!’) And Derek Luke (’13 Reasons Why ‘) star in the production. The cast also includes Peyton Jackson, Zamani Wilder, Jessi Case and Vince Mattis.

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The film is part of a partnership between Blumhouse Productions and broadcaster EPIX, which will feature eight original films in the genre.

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