Fan creates amazing poster with cross between ‘A Morte Te Félicitations’ and ‘Freaky’

After Jason Blum confirms that “Death Congratulates You” and “Freaky: In the Body of an Assassin” are set in the same universe, many fans are eagerly awaiting a crossover. Thinking about it, one fan created an amazing poster connecting the two franchises.


Recently, actress Jessica Rothe, protagonist of the ‘Death Makes You Happy’ franchise, revealed that she wanted a crossover with ‘Freaky: In the Body of an Assassin’.

“I think it’s totally valid, like you said, [Kathryn Newton em ‘Freaky’] embodies a lot of strength and a lot of power on paper [do Carniceiro]. I was lucky enough to watch the movie the opening weekend and it was amazing and wild performances from Kathryn and Vince [Vaughn]. So I agree that we need a show between Tree and Millie. And maybe Vince can make an appearance as the Scream Queen, because he gave us life. He did a great job “.

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It should be remembered that “A Morte Te Félicitations” is already heading towards a third chapter.

In an interview with Empire, director Christopher Landon revealed the official title of the next film in the saga, revealing some details about the production’s status.

“The title of the new sequel is ‘Happy Day Death to Us’ [Feliz dia da morte para nós, em tradução livre]. It is a working title. The third film is permanently on hold for the moment. I know Jason Blum loves the franchise and Jessica Rothe would love to come back as well. I wrote the third movie some time ago.

He continues, “I think we’re excited about the direction of the new movie, as it’s different from the previous two, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hope our fan base continues to grow. Who knows … it might end up happening, hopefully soon.

The first film was released in 2017 and became a box office hit, grossing $ 125.5 million worldwide – but the sequel released in 2019 was well below expectations, at just $ 65 million.

However, Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse, has yet to abandon the franchise.

In an interview with Yahoo, Blum revealed that he was “working overtime” for “Death Give You Congratulations 3” to happen.

“Let me say I’m working overtime on this. Believe me. I’m trying, ”he says.

The story would follow the post-credit scene from the second film, which shows DARPA taking advantage of the time loop device for new experiences, with Tree’s naughty friend Danielle (Rachel Matthews) trapped in her own loop.

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