Fans ask Amazon Prime to make ‘White Girls 2’ after ‘A Prince in New York 2’ hit

“As Branquelas” (White Chicks) was released in 2004 and has become an audience phenomenon in Brazil, and fans keep asking for a sequel.

As Amazon Prime released ‘A Prince in New York 2’ after 33 years of the original, fans launched a campaign calling for the streaming to also talk about a sequel to the classic comedy that turns 17 in 2021. .

Check out the reactions:

Since A Prince was released in New York 2 after 33 years, I will continue to hope for the release of As Branquelas 2

– ✨ (@isamnobrega) March 6, 2021

a generation that still awaits As Branquelas 2

– dan (@danielguaracy) February 28, 2021

White girls could go 2

– (@ArruguettiJuuh) March 4, 2021

see the prince in new york 2 and remember one thing, kd the white girls 2?

– ɐ̷s̷o̷u̷ǝ̷u̷ǝ̷Λ̷ (@venenosaela) March 5, 2021

Well Amazon could launch Branquelas 2

– Nando (@OrsoFe) March 5, 2021

We want white girls 2

– Tom & Jerry (@juoa_) March 5, 2021

Enjoy watching:

If Amazon made a prince in New York 2 after 33 years of the first, they can do white 2, I will never give up hope

– grazielacomzdezebra (@grazielad) March 5, 2021

Brothers Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans began producing “As Branquelas 2” in mid-2010, but Sony eventually canceled production. With the success of the first film and fan interest in the second, the brothers took the script to another Hollywood studio.

The first feature film cost $ 37 million and grossed $ 113 million worldwide.

Kevin and Marcus Copeland, two very clumsy FBI agents, fail in an investigation and are threatened with losing their jobs. When a plan to kidnap spoiled socialite sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson (spoof, especially of the Hilton sisters) is discovered, Kevin and Marcus are left with the humiliating mission of escorting the two socialites from the airport to the hotel. . While being escorted, the two women are injured and forced to disguise themselves as social sisters so as not to find out what has happened and they lose their jobs.

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