Fans believe ‘Venom 2’ will be postponed to avoid competition with ‘Fast and Furious 9’

‘Fast and Furious 9’ has been postponed once again and will only hit theaters on June 25 and could face competition from ‘Venom 2’, the long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed feature film starring Tom Hardy.

On the other hand, would Sony be willing to risk its profits in a dispute with Universal’s blockbuster?

In January, the studio decided to postpone this year’s October premiere of ‘Morbius’ to early 2022 in order to avoid the financial duel against ‘007: No Time to Die’.

For this reason, several internet users are already worried that ‘Venom 2’ will also be postponed in order to be able to increase the maximum box office, just like the original film.

Consult the publications:

“No more delays, please! We need “Venom 2” “

NO MORE DELAYS PLEASE !!! WE NEED VENOM 2 pic.twitter.com/2TdIIqKzg6

– CUSH (@ K_Cush86) March 5, 2021

“Please do not postpone ‘Venom 2’.”

Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2
Please don’t delay Venom 2

– Furlow7 (@ Furlow71) March 4, 2021

Enjoy watching:

“There are only 3 months left for ‘Venom 2’ and no trailer, I am planning a postponement.”

Venom 2 is in 3 months and in the trailer I feel a delay

– MoreRice (@nahhemi) March 4, 2021

“Please postpone ‘Venom 2’.”

Don’t delay in Venom 2: leave their carnage!

– Lyle LJ Plummer Jr.LJ 2021 (@ CaptPlanet91_LJ) March 5, 2021

Brother, I hope you will postpone “Venom 2” because of a car movie. “

Bruh they better not delay Venom 2 for the nap car movie

– ray j kim show (@ brocksir1) March 4, 2021

“’Venom 2′ is going to be postponed again.”

timeline: Venom 2 could delay again – ト ム ・ ハ ー デ ィ 主演 の 「ヴ ェ ノ ム 2」 が 全 米 公… https://t.co/ovbRxpn3sv

– み つ き (@ 43qax4Hg2dY90bA) March 5, 2021

“You can’t postpone ‘Venom 2’, the premiere is in 3 months.”

They can’t delay the release of Venom 2 in 3 months… pic.twitter.com/tOt3HH9rNp

– TheDoctorX11 (@ TheDoctorX11) March 4, 2021

“I think ‘Venom 2’ will be postponed at any time.”

Expect Venom 2 delay anytime @VenomMovieNews https://t.co/QKdvrJmrkY

– | Team (@ ThomasZilla21) March 4, 2021

“‘Venom 2’: Reports.”

Venom 2: let there be delays https://t.co/gMPpKzZUUO

– HotdogLovesYou (@hotdogstudios) March 3, 2021

“Post ‘Fast and Furious 9”, I prefer to watch “Venom 2”. “

just delay F9, no doubt chose Venom 2 to watch https://t.co/wxxl9Q516J

– hookers. (@putputeks) March 4, 2021

So which one do you prefer to watch?

Check out the national teaser for ‘Venom 2’:

The sequel will bring back Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams as Brock / Venom and Anne Weying, respectively. Woody Harrelson will return as Carnage, while Naomie Harris will play villainous Shriek.

Introduced in the comics in 1993, Shriek is Carnage’s lover and is described as a crazed supervillain with psychic abilities and sound manipulation powers that make him the enemy of any symbiote. She first appeared as one of the patients of the Ravencroft Mental Institute, released by Carnage during her escape.

Andy Serkis is leading the sequence.

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